Spring 2013

The time has come once again, where the excitement of winter has been subdued by the harsh winds and even harsher temperatures. If there is one thing I’m lusting for, it’s summer. I could go on for days about the perks of the sunny season, but that is unfortunately months away. So, before we get ahead of ourselves, spring is soon to be happening upon us. And what welcomes a new season better than new clothes? (Trick question: the answer is ‘Nothing’.) I now present to you my Spring 2013 wishlist. Enjoy! 

Now, I must warn you, whenever asked to describe my style I say “eclectic”, and this epitomizes that statement.

I’m loving all things casual, all things cropped, and all things patterned. Staple pieces like the cropped turtle neck tanks will go with anything and everything, while pieces like graphic tees and crazy tops will be eye catching and head turning. The main theme for my spring/summer wardrobe is comfort. Nobody wants to feel constricted in the hot sun, so fabrics like cotton are essential. For the cooler days and nights, an army inspired jacket or flannel shirt to easily put on or tie around your waist.

As mentioned before, I am loving patterns. Stripes especially were huge trends on the runway this year and they will prevail. Shorts are a summer staple so keep them comfortable, keep them cute, and keep them chic. Keep in mind, many patterns can be used as neutrals such as the striped shorts and leggings. But, we can’t forget about the skirts. If there is one thing trendy now, it’s skater skirts. Flared out in an array of patterns, colors, and styles.

 Dresses, almost every girl’s favorite. Nothing makes you feel as free as wearing a dress. These are some of my favorites that I’ve seen thus far. Pretty self-explanatory, no?

Now, last but most definitely not least, shoes. This spring/summer, aside from the usual sandals, it’s all about sneakers, sneakers, sneakers. From flat-forms, to DIY high-tops, to sneaker wedges. But, sneakers aren’t the only thing I am looking into. I have been lusting for this 90’s throwback, the creeper. I first saw creepers coming back in Chanel’s 2013 Resort show, and those shoes were to die for, so, now it’s time to invest in my own. Lastly, there is one that doesn’t quite fit in with the rest. The Timberlands, and I know what you’re thinking, and trust me, I thought that too. Timberland’s are just about as manly as you can get, but there is something rugged and so alluring about them. I saw a model in an Urban Outfitters ad wearing them and I just knew I had to have them.

So there you have it kids, my (mostly) complete Spring 2013 wish list. Clearly I am as eccentric as I thought, or I have some identity issues to work over.

Until next time, stay fab.


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