Style Sisters

Style Sisters
in fashion we trust 
Celebrity model mavens Poppy and Cara Delevingne have the world in their hands. You may know Cara for her world (and twitter) famous brows, her charmingly British accent, or her wildly eccentric personality. Cara has taken the fashion industry by storm in the last two years and there is nothing stopping her; and her equally as fabulous older sister, Poppy will be right by her side. The two Brit princesses have such different styles, personalities, and physical characteristics that it’s hard to tell they are sisters at all. Cara is the edgy, wild-child while Poppy is the mysterious, freckled beauty. One thing the sisters have in common is their love for mixing and matching to create different outfits.

Model Suki Waterhouse poses with sisters Cara and Poppy at an event. Cara, dressed in head to toe all black mixes black patent leather with her black leather pants and tops off the look with a bare mid-riff and a furry handbag. Poppy channels the same trends with black leather pants, furry vest and handbag, and a chambray button-up. The mixture of textures and styles creates a dynamic one-of-a-kind look for both of them while still staying on trend.

Out and about, Cara wears a green, varsity jacket paired with navy and taupe striped pants. Under the jacket she wears a cream sweater over a grey flecked t-shirt. Cara mixes a sporty style with the varsity jacket with the more reserved style of her pants. Cara tends to mix patterns and colors in unusual ways to create a unique and distinct style.

Poppy takes a chic route with black and white. She mixes the pattern of the sweater with the black and white star pattern of her bag. She adds tortoise-shell sunglasses and a bright red-orange lip color to contrast the outfit.

When the sister’s aren’t mixing and matching, they are still quite fashionable. Cara tends to wear boyish trends with boxier lines and menswear styles while Poppy tends to dress in more girly dainty trends. Cara, wearing a deep burgundy pant suit contrasts with Poppy, dressed in a light lavender dress.  
Maintaining chic street style comes easy to the Delevingne sisters. Poppy pairs destroyed boyfriend shorts with simple accessories and an easy jacket, while Cara rocks the edgy sneakers, varsity jacket, and graphic tee.
Even while the sisters are dressed in similar outfits, their individual style shines through. Cara’s inner tomboy is expressed with her simple tee and sunglasses while Poppy channels a bohemian girly vibe in destroyed shorts, white lace top, and flower headband. 

Lastly, we must not forget the last, and very chic Delevingne sister, Chloe. The beautiful trio manage to cover almost every fashion trend out there right now; menswear, booties, shift dresses, fringe, and simple accessories, to name a few. There is nothing but love for the Delevingne clan and their outstanding fashion sense.

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