Look For Less: Kylie Jenner

Look For Less: Kylie Jenner
today’s grunge princess
For about a year and a half now, Kylie Jenner, youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner family has been taking social media and the fashion world by storm. She is the new fresh face of grunge fashion. Jenner has been creating trends faster than the snap of her fingers. She almost never wears the same thing twice, but she always keeps her looks relaxed and easy. Her accessories are simple and her outfits are laid-back. Jenner is usually seen gallivanting around L.A. with her friends, working in far-away cities, or vacationing with her family. No matter what task she is conquering that day, she always looks fabulous (as does her instagram account). This is one of my favorite looks from the youngest Jenner. She is rocking so many trends at the same time and making it work. The crop top that I found, may be exact, and it comes at a somewhat steep price of $66 from Bardot.com.au, and it is paired with a pair of boyfriend jeans like these from H&M. Jenner also wears a teen wardrobe staple, high-top Chuck Taylor Converse along with a black bag, which resembles this bag from H&M, plus a pair of round sunglasses like the ones I found from 80spurple.com. Keep on keepin’ on, Kylie. 
x A

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