Online Shopping Review: ASOS

Online Shopping Review: ASOS
because online shopping is an addiction, let us addicts help each other
As I was sitting down to do my daily online shopping rounds, I had a thought. Many people I talk to about online shopping are hesitant because they never know what to expect from each online store. I would like to consider myself well versed in the world of online shopping. I have had many experiences in successful orders as well as unsuccessful orders. I have ordered from a multitude of different places and I decided to start reviewing some of my favorites. One place in particular that I enjoy is 
1. Overview: ASOS has tons of variety, including plus sizes, designer items, menswear, maternity wear, petite sizes, ASOS Marketplace, and the list goes on. ASOS has such a wide selection that I find myself on their website literally every single day. ASOS is one of the best online shopping websites because of their selection. You can either narrow your search to specific things you want or you can browse through thousands of different pieces. Not only does ASOS have clothing, they also have shoes, accessories, knick-knacks, and everything in-between. 
2. My experiences: Now that you know a little bit about ASOS, I’ll tell you about my experience with them. So far, all of my ordering experiences have been unsuccessful, BUT that has not driven me away from them at all. Some things to know about ASOS are that since they are a European based company, their sizing is a bit different than other companies. I have ordered two pairs of shoes by ASOS’ self-named brand and they were both too small. Something I am always cautious about is sizing, since it varies by company and brand, so I wasn’t too upset by the ordeal. In addition to those two pairs of shoes, I have ordered two dresses from them. These dresses happened to be too big, however that again did not deter me from their company.
3. Customer Service: If I were to give ASOS a star rating for their customer service it would be five out of five. They offer free returns on their orders and are understanding about returns and exchanges. On top of that, I have never had difficulty being refunded for an order. They typically offer free shipping to the United States on orders over $25, which is a pretty good deal! 
4. Pricing: With the variety that ASOS offers, they have a wide variety of pricing. It isn’t unusual to find items that break the bank, but it also isn’t too difficult to find thrifty items. ASOS has pretty reasonable pricing for the quality and service they offer. In addition to their reasonable and affordable pricing, they offer 10% off for students via Unidays, and they are almost always having some sort of sale or offering a coupon code. I always like to check out the home page of their site or for the best deals! 
I hope this helped you out some in your online shopping ventures, I highly reccomend ASOS for shopping, beware of sizing, and always be on the lookout for deals! 
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