Gift Guide: For the Fashionable Guy

Gift Guide: For the Fashionable Guy
drumroll please…

Here is what you have been waiting for. A Gift Guide For the Fashionable Guy. In my post about gifts for the fashionable girl, I mentioned that you should stay tuned for the guy’s equivalent, and here it is. Buying gifts for guys, especially fashionable ones or those that seem like they have everything already, can be extremely difficult. These are my gift suggestions for the fashionable guys:

1. Something Leather
It’s an undeniable fact, at least I think, that guys love leather. Leather is timeless, long-lasting, and super rustic and masculine. Off the top of my head I can think of an innumerable amount of leather goods that any guy would love. I have always gifted my dad, for example, something leather like a wallet. Leather wallets have purpose, class, and I’m sure your fashion forward guy would love it. Other leather gifts could be belts, driving gloves, and key chains. All of these are usually pretty well priced for the quality. If you are planning on dropping a dime or so on your man, you could even search for a pair of leather shoes or boots, or a nice leather or vegan leather jacket.

2. Flannel Shirts 
Flannel is a universal guilty pleasure. Flannel shirts are comfortable, warm, perfect for the season, and when he’s not wearing them, you can steal them. Even if you aren’t planning on stealing it from him, it makes the perfect gift. You can find flannel shirts just about anywhere in any color and at any price range. It is an easy go-to and he will love it! 

3. Cologne/Aftershave 
This is one of those gifts that never fails. I know that for some guys, they rarely ever replenish their own cologne. Buying your guy his favorite cologne or aftershave will be much appreciated by him. If you are feeling risky, you could even buy him a new scent to try out, after all, you are the one smelling it! Cologne can tend to be expensive, but it is a great investment and will last him a long time.

4. Cool Cold Weather Accessories
This is another favorite of mine to purchase for people. Accessories that fit the season are always a great gift to give and receive. Hats, mittens/gloves, wool socks, scarves, the list goes on. My ultimate favorite is anything from the brand Smartwool. Smartwool has the best wool socks for any occasion. They sell trouser socks, thick hiking socks, casual socks, and even things like gloves and t-shirts all designed for the sole purpose of keeping you warm. If you are looking for a more creative cold-weather accessory you could try something like an ice scraper with a built in mitten. 

5. Tech Toys
Literally every guy ever loves getting tech toys. I don’t know what it is about them, but they are always a favorite among the guys. There are countless amounts of fun toys at places like Brookestone where you could find something cool and unique. Other fun tech gifts are things like phone cases, ear buds, ear muffs that connect to your iPod/iPhone, or even special gloves with the tech-friendly fingertips. 

6. Gag Gifts
This is one of those categories that is best received by people with a sense of humor. I personally love giving gag gifts to my friends because it always results in a good laugh. You can find fun gifts online and in-store from places like Urban Outfitters, Kitson, and ASOS. A good idea is to check out your local boutiques because many places sell fun novelty items that could make the perfect gag gift.

7. Sentiment 
If you have run out of ideas or you guy has too much stuff and you have no idea what to buy him, you can always count on sentiment to be the perfect gift. Take him out to dinner, go ice skating, or go to a sporting event on you. Do something that he will enjoy and pick up the tab. It may not seem like a lot, but the thought counts tremendously. Plus, no guy would dislike free dinner! 

I hope you have gained some inspiration on what to buy your boyfriend or guy friends, or even your dad! Guys can be tricky to buy for sometimes, but there is no doubt they will love whatever you give them. 

x A

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