Today: Farm Fresh Goodness

Today: Farm Fresh Goodness
a cute update 

Well, I think this is a new thing I’m trying. I just got a nice little spurt of inspiration and motivation regarding blogging. Because I want to make a more reliable posting schedule, this is something I’m going to try out, for a few reasons. 
I decided that I will post everyday about my outfit or activities that day that relates to fashion or lifestyle. Not only will this motivate me to dress my best everyday, but it will also push me to try new and interesting things. This will prevent me from getting stuck in that sweet lull of life where all you want to do is sit in bed and watch Parks and Recreation re-runs. 
Today, I had quite a good day, although a long one (as you can tell, since I’m writing this at 1:07 am). I won’t bore you with the trivial activities that I partook in such as doing laundry, homework, and attending class and meetings (ugh). 
After class, two friends and I popped over a couple blocks from where we live to a cute, quaint shopping area filled with shops and boutiques. We stopped in at Lush, MAC, and Paper Source since I had some gifting necessities to pick up while we were out. Once we were done shopping around, we went to a cute little café called Blue Door Farm Stand where they serve food like salads and sandwiches, pastries, and pressed juices. The whole place is decorated head to toe like a cute country farm stand complete with mason jar cups and rustic décor. 
I ordered a turkey, strawberry, and aged cheddar sandwich and a strawberry fields salad to satiate my fresh fruit and veggie craving. I love spring and summer because you can get the best of fresh fruits and vegetables! This place was scrumptious in food and aesthetic (literally so cute I was going to die). 
Overall, it was a good day filled with good food. Until tomorrow. 
x A 
What is your favorite local place to eat good and fresh food? 

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