Why I Want to Adopt a Minimalist Wardrobe

Why I Want to Adopt a Minimalist Wardrobe
a new-wave clothing philosophy 

I’m sure that if you are a Pinterest user, you have seen things like this everywhere, maybe without even noticing. Minimalism isn’t necessarily a new concept, but applying it to building and maintaining a wardrobe might be.

Minimalism seems like a scary concept, but it doesn’t have to entail purging your entire wardrobe if you don’t want it to. The basis of wardrobe minimalism is to become more conscious in the kinds of things you are purchasing and the kind of wardrobe you are building. I came across Into Mind, a minimalism blog and this helped me learn about what kind of minimalism I wanted to adopt and why.

A minimalist wardrobe is focused on creating a base full of basics and simple pieces that are interchangeable and infinitely versatile. While some people fully apply the minimalist lifestyle in things like capsule wardrobes or wardrobes made of only 30 pieces total, I’m not quite there yet.

I am however, ready to make my wardrobe fully mine and wearable. I noticed over the past few months that I had been wearing only a portion of my wardrobe and that a lot of my clothes just weren’t my style anymore. This was an unsettling realization not only because I realized how much money I had spent on pieces I’d never worn, but also because I realized that I had no idea where to go from there.

Then I decided to adopt minimalism and here are my reasons why:

1. Versatility is the greatest gift 

This is probably the biggest and most important reason why I want to adopt a minimalist outlook on my wardrobe and wardrobe choices. Having versatile pieces that I can pair with my entire closet is a gift because it means you can style outfits in so many different ways with ease. I am so sick of looking at a piece of clothing and having no idea what to wear it with from my existing wardrobe. The ability to pick something up and knowing that it can be worn with multiple different outfits is something that has become so important to me. This makes for a cohesive wardrobe and an overall simpler experience. Don’t get me wrong, I love styling and wearing some off the wall things, and those things have a place in a minimalist wardrobe but the point is to stop having a wardrobe filled with exclusively off the wall pieces that are difficult to style.

2. Being mindful > being mindless

This is another point that is really important to me. I have been working on attempting to be more mindful of the kinds of things I let influence my life; this includes my clothing and shopping habits. If  I can go shopping and avoid impulse buying by being a mindful shopper, that will help me to build healthy lifestyle habits as well as not buy things I don’t actually need. This ensures that I will only purchase things that I deem as a “necessity” or a really essential wardrobe piece. If I can’t immediately see myself wearing something or it doesn’t cohere with the wardrobe I am building, I’m not going to buy it. While again, there is a time and place for fun impulse buys that aren’t necessary, the majority of my shopping should be mindful and focused instead of mindlessly buying things that aren’t truly essential to my wardrobe or my life.

3. That $$$ though

With being mindful about shopping comes saving money, a major bonus. If I can avoid buying things that I don’t really need, I will be saving money. I can’t even fathom thinking about how much money I’ve wasted on buying things that I either don’t wear or have only worn a couple of times. Building a versatile, wearable, and practical wardrobe is a way to ensure that I am spending money on the right things that fit my lifestyle and my preferences.

4. To know one’s wardrobe is to know one’s self 

This is another major reason why I wanted to adopt a minimalist mindset about my wardrobe because I realized, as I outlined in my post about redefining your style, that I didn’t know my own style anymore. Just this fact alone made me feel weird about my wardrobe because I usually have a good grasp on what my style is. Being mindful and building a minimalist wardrobe means that you have to understand fully what your style is. This doesn’t mean that your style is set in stone, because it is always evolving, but let your wardrobe grow with you and always be on the same page as your style. This will allow you to purchase things that you will wear and will enjoy wearing. You won’t have as many “I don’t have anything to wear” days that we all dread so much.

5. Ease, comfort, and peace of mind 

Last, but for sure not least, is the peace of mind that comes along with have a cohesive, functional, and nice wardrobe. There is no better feeling in the world than feeling content with the clothes in your closet (maybe that’s an exaggeration, but whatever). Knowing that you don’t have an unnecessarily cluttered wardrobe or a closet filled with clothes you hate or don’t wear is a surprisingly calming feeling. Cleaning out your life, making mindful and conscious choices is a great feeling.

I am not saying that everyone should adopt this mindset, because truthfully it isn’t for everyone, but it is something worth considering. At the very least being mindful of what kinds of things you are buying and being the conscious decision maker about your own wardrobe is extremely empowering.

I hope you found these reasons to make a compelling argument to adopt a minimalist mindset about your wardrobe or at least you could find a way to apply these things to your own life. Be mindful and prosper my friends!

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What is your wardrobe philosophy? 

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