How to Look Fashionable While Working Out

How to Look Fashionable While Working Out
look fabulous while you sweat

Working out or being active is important, I mean, we all know that by now. As of January this year, I began avidly going to the gym and making sure that I was being active. I found though, that work out clothes aren’t usually the cutest and a lot of times it comes down to wearing an old t-shirt and a pair of leggings with a hole in them. 
Even though your appearance doesn’t matter when you’re at the gym or working out, sometimes wearing cute workout clothes can boost your morale. I find that if I feel like I am confident, even just in what I’m wearing, I work a little harder. 
That being said, I bring to you my short list of places that offer cute work out clothes (for an affordable price): 
1. Missguided 
I’m sure you’ve heard about MissGuided from me or someone else by now, and I hope you’ve checked them out. They have super fun and trendy items and usually at extremely affordable prices. Recently they added an activewear line that abides by those two rules and is right up my alley. The have a range of items from sports bras, tops, workout leggings, and joggers. They also have some of those more casual and not actually functional pieces, but nonetheless, they are cute. Here are some of my favorite picks from their site right now. (Click the images for a link to the item on the site). 
Fabletics is Kate Hudson’s athletic/leisurewear line and it works like a subscription, or at least it can. This is one of those fun sites where you get to take a quiz that ultimately matches you with outfits that they deem best fitting for you lifestyle and needs. I definitely recommend signing up and at least checking it out: Sign up is free and you aren’t charged until you purchase something. Even though the site presents you with outfits, you can actually purchase items individually and don’t have to buy what the quiz suggests to you. Although this site can work like a subscription, it doesn’t have to unless you sign up to do the subscription. 

3. H&M
This isn’t the first place that people think to look for workout clothes, but they actually deliver in terms of quality and aesthetics. This is one of the best places to get bang for your buck because even though the pieces won’t last you a decade, they will at least last you a season or until you can afford something more expensive. Since H&M also caters to trends, they have a lot of pieces that are trendy or at least more sleek than traditional workout wear. These are pieces that you can wear after the gym and still look cute. 
4. Zella (at Nordstrom)
So this one isn’t a store, but Zella is a brand that has been creating a lot of buzz. I heard about this brand from a few different fashion and beauty YouTubers and decided to look into it. Although I haven’t tried anything from them firsthand, they must be a high quality brand to be getting such great reviews from other people in the community. My next purchase will definitely be a pair of Zella’s workout leggings, which come in so many fun colors and patterns. On top of unique leggings and bottoms, they also have a lot of casual tops that are easy to throw on pre or post-workout.

So there you have it! These are some of my top picks for fun, trendy, and affordable workout gear. I find that it is super important to have functional gear but also to feel comfortable (and even fabulous) in whatever I choose to sweat in that day!

Get out there and get moving!

x A

What are you picks for workout wear? 

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