Lessons From My Freshman Year of College

Lessons From My Freshman Year of College
wow so much learning thanks college

Well guys, my freshman year of college has come to a close and with that I felt that I wanted to share with you some of the lessons I learned along the way. Whether you yourself are going away to college this year, have completed your first year, or just want to feel nostalgic, this might be interesting to read. Most of these lessons don’t pertain to things like shower shoes or buying textbooks, because there’s millions of posts like that out there. I wanted to share with you some of the more overarching lessons I’ve learned and hope that you can learn too! (Side note, this post is much more text heavy so I went and added some fun photos from my freshman year of college for you all to enjoy.)
5. You Can (And Should) Say “No” to Some Free Stuff
This is one of the lessons from my freshman year of college that I learned early on, although I wish I had learned it even sooner. When you go to college you will notice that almost every organization, club, or office is offering up some sort of free swag. It can be so tempting to take everything you’re offered because…it’s free! You figure, “why the hell not?” And you take it. Soon you accumulate a stock pile of more water bottles, poorly designed t-shirts, and lanyards than you know what to do with! There is no shame in snagging some of the fun free things, but know that there will always be other free things so you can say no to some. Believe me, you won’t get use out of a lot of the things and it will just waste space in you already crowded dorm room.

4. Student Union Food Seems Great But Beware
One of the biggest lessons from freshman year of college that I learned was in regard to food from the student union/center (whatever you want to call it). When you arrive at school, it will be like everything you’d ever dreamed of. Pizza, made-to-order burgers, chicken strips, you name it, they probably have it. However, be careful for a few reasons. The main reason is because you want to avoid the freshman fifteen. Aside from that though, not switching up your diet can be kind of bad for you. I know that at my school if I even ate any of the fried food, I would feel gross, sluggish, and fatigued for the remainder of the day. Stick to some of the healthier options like sandwiches or the salad bar. These options will keep you healthy and keep you feeling better. Also, not switching up your meals makes you hate whatever you’re eating and you will definitely get sick of it after two weeks.

3. Build a Routine and Know Yourself
This is a huge takeaway for me. One lesson from freshman year of college that I have learned, as well as many of my friends is to build a routine. It may seem difficult especially with all the events on campus and particularly at the beginning when they have welcome week types of events. But building a routine will let you settle in and find your pace much easier. Leave room for spontaneity but know how you work when it comes to schoolwork and socializing. Make sure you maintain balance and are working to keep your life organized. This will be beneficial when it comes time for finals and exams!

2. Be True to You
This is one of those things that I honestly cannot stress enough. Going away to college is a time where you can start fresh and nobody knows you for the most part. You don’t have to reinvent yourself but you get to have a fresh start, which for some people is nice. One lesson from my freshman year is that being true to yourself goes a much longer way than not. People are able to see through “fakeness” way too easily and it won’t win you any brownie points. You will meet a lot of people especially in the first few months (but honestly I still meet new people every single day) and you will be able to build meaningful and longer lasting friendships with people who share the same interests as you if you are true to who you are. If you don’t like parties, don’t go to parties. Do what you want and everything will fall into place.

1. People Will Come & Go (But Its Ok)
By far, this is the number one, most learned lesson from my freshman year of college. While you go away to school you are fully aware and ready to make some of the best friends of your life. People tell you all the time that you will make lifelong friends in college, and you do, but they don’t tell you that not every friend you make will be lifelong. People in college are busy and there are a lot of people to meet and befriend, so not every friend you make will still be your friend even a few weeks down the line. It can be tough if you are close friends with someone for a few weeks and eventually it’s like you barely know each other, but that is just the way college works sometimes. People get busy and everyone is off doing their own thing. People will always come in and out of your life in college and that is okay. Don’t take it to heart because even if you aren’t best friends, they will always hold a place in your memories. Learn to cherish the people that come and go as they are there and don’t dwell on it because just as they come and go from your life, you come and go from other peoples’ lives. Accept it and embrace it!

Bonus: This is kind of a fun bonus lesson that I learned in my freshman year of college, but I wanted to share it with you. One thing you will quickly realize from transitioning to college is that high school has no bearing on who you are as a person and everything from high school is now irrelevant. Nobody cares how popular or unpopular someone was and nothing from high school will ever be relevant again. Make the most of this! (Don’t be one of those people who are stuck in their high school glory days, because in college the worst thing is when someone can’t stop talking about what they did in high school!)
There you have it everyone. I hope you enjoyed reading through this list of lessons from my freshman year of college. I definitely had a fun time learning these lessons and I wouldn’t change anything from my freshman year. Make the most of the time you have in college and cheers to having the time of our lives!

x A

What lessons did you learn from your freshman year of college?

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