Outfit Inspiration for Fall


Something that I’m almost positive everyone experiences is a fashion brainfart. Not exactly an eloquent way to phrase it but what I mean by that is the phenomenon of looking at your bursting-at-the-seams (seams pun not intended) closet and still feeling like you have nothing to wear. This is similar to the full refrigerator and nothing to eat dilemma that is often experienced.

Anyway, for those days where my sartorial inspiration is severely lacking, I turn to Pinterest. To be honest, I was really late on the Pinterest bandwagon. I always associated it with moms and failed craft projects (which is still true). I discovered about two years ago that there was this whole other side to the site. One that was abound with images of fashionable individuals. For which I am thankful.

Fall is one of my favorite times for dressing. You get to be so creative and cozy, plus fashion month is coming up. Here are a few of my favorite outfits that I will definitely be using for inspiration this fall. You will notice there’s a few overarching themes at play. Long lines, leather, masculine and boxy cuts, and the inclusion of tons of knitwear.



If you’re feeling inspired but are craving some more looks to browse through, I have created a board pretty much full of looks that fit in with these. Check it out here:

x A

How do you battle the fashion brainfart?


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