Heartaches – A Playlist


Heartache is a feeling that I’m pretty sure we are all familiar with. It may not be caused by a decimated relationship (was that harsh?) or unrequited love – it may simply be from watching your favorite rom-com too many times. Possibly you are just in that mood where all you want to do is lie on your bedroom floor and stare at the ceiling. Those moments are far underrated.

Either way, there’s nothing that beats a song that really resonates in your chest. Some songs have a crazy ability to make your entire world sort of melt away.

I decided I would compile a playlist full of these songs. These are the songs that you feel in your heart when you listen to them. All you want to do is listen.

Starting with LANY, a band which I truly believe is king of heartache anthems, it starts off on a note that immediately pulls you into the playlist. Through the hour and twelve minutes that follow ILYSB, you go through a rollercoaster of heart aching and gut wrenching feeling.

Wet, brings us a little taste of liberation, while Blackbear grounds us. There are a lot of really cool new artists on this playlist like Raleigh Richie, James Young, and Låpsley (remember my September playlist was a precursor to this). There are also appearances of longtime favorites like The 1975, The Lumineers, and of course, ZAYN.

The playlist ends on a sort of freeing, but equally as deep note with Leon Else’s ‘Cheap Hotel,’ which is a great way to round it out.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed exploring these artists and finding these songs. I’m not kidding when I say I’ve been listening to this playlist for a straight month.

x A

What is your favorite heartache anthem? 

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