#OOTD: Fully Prepped


You guys, I’ve been slacking on these outfit posts lately. I apologize. My month has been sort of crazy, so by the time Sunday comes around, it’s crunch time. I actually shot these last week with my friend Michael (who shot my previous post as well, so shout out). I never got around to posting this until now.

Unfortunately, my life seems like it will continue to be crazy for the next three weeks, but after finals week, I’m home free (literally) for six weeks.

This look is one of my faves currently, but I’m pretty sure I say that every week. If you recall my outfit post from a couple of months ago, I was rocking this same sweater tank in a completely different fashion.

Here, I’ve layered it over a button-up shirt to hit maximum preppy and to make it more weather appropriate. Fall in Chicago has been pretty mild so far, which is actually throwing me off a bit.

I paired this combo with a pair of heeled booties – which everyone should invest in because they are so versatile but really elevate a look.

Sometimes I put outfits on that are completely outside of my normal aesthetic and I have a bit of an identity crisis. This is one of those outfits, but I’m not too upset about it.

Although, next week I’ll probably be decked out in head-to-toe casual street-style, so don’t get too attached to one aesthetic.

I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors this week – you can do it! Catch you on the flipside.

x A

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