Tik Tok Made Me Care About Fashion Again

Green and Cream Modern Sales Marketing Presentation.pngTik Tok, we all know it, some love it, few have gotten “famous” from it. Whatever your feelings about the app, there’s no denying that it holds a weird amount of power in this day and age.

The app is not without problems, we’ve all heard about the immense amount of data that it gathers on us as we scroll, like, and share. We’ve also heard about the algorithm’s preference for beautiful, white, cis faces. The algorithm, that sneaky and intelligent beast. I could go on about the negatives about yet another social media app in our already saturated social media landscape, but I digress, that’s not what I’m here for right now.

I found my way to Tik Tok, like many millennials (I guess I consider myself one?) at the beginning of quarantine in mid-March. Previously, I honestly couldn’t tell you what went on other than the renegade, which was intel provided to me by the 30 nine-year-olds I teach.

What started as a way to fill time and quell my boredom, quickly became a place to satiate my appetite for content I didn’t know I was missing.

I find myself at an interesting intersection of the app, as many people do. At any given moment, my For You page could be a crapshoot of random humor, videos of Harry Styles, music suggestions, artists at work, recreations of makeup looks from HBO’s Euphoria,  health and fitness videos, tarot readings and manifestation tips, or people showing off their personal style.

Personally, I love it. The algorithm (I’ll try to make this the last time I mention it) is scary good. I rarely, if ever, find videos that really don’t align with my interests. And I guess that’s what is so appealing about Tik Tok in the first place, it really feels like the FYP is made for you.

I started this blog years ago and have revisited it time and again in different forms. Within the last couple of years, I felt myself caring less about fashion. It’s not that I actively cared less about it, other interests or priorities just seemed to get in the way. Then, enter Tik Tok.

Something I’ve appreciated about Tik Tok is the creativity of people sharing their style, the representation of different bodies, and the ease of consuming the content. It’s like mashing a YouTube video and Instagram post into one, digestible clip.

Through TiK Tok, I’ve been able to find inspiration again for thrifting, styling, and just being creative with what I wear in the smallest ways.

I’ve also found a community of women who’s bodies look like mine. I’ve never felt thin or straight-sized and never felt plus-sized, and in the middle I found mid-sized Tik Tok. Seeing people who have a similar shape and size rocking the things you love gives you a level of confidence necessary to exist in a sartorial space that still only values thinness.

So I guess in a way this is a thank you to Tik Tok. While I still have my qualms with the problematic aspects of the app, there’s a lot that I’ve taken with me, which most notably includes my renewed interest and inspiration in something that truly brings me joy.



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