About The Author


– about the author –

Ally Zacek

20/Chicago/believer in the universe

Hello, and welcome to my blog. I’m Ally Zacek, and to describe myself is a daunting task. I am a writer, learner, creator, and fashion fanatic. My passions include Macaroni and Cheese pizza, searching for the next best indie rock song, and downing innumerable cups of black coffee.

Fashionable Youth began as my tumblr page back in 2011, but I soon felt drawn to the idea of making it into a different platform. I’ve loved fashion ever since I was a little girl, and what better way to share and celebrate that passion than with a blog.

I am embarking on many journeys including my move to DePaul University, where I will be studying and filling my palette with rich experiences and opportunities. I hope you will join me in fulfilling my many journeys and endeavors as I document them through fashion, music, and writing.

x A


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