Florals – Remixed

Florals Remixed

Year after year, florals are the summer staple. From dainty patterns to bold prints, florals will relentlessly live on. This year a few new trends have entered the scene with their floral flare. In contrast to simpler, more basic patterns, these trends are much more eye catching. The first trend I noticed was daisies. This simple, yet beautiful white and yellow flower has absolutely blossomed in the world of fashion. They have been seen on everything imaginable. I personally love the sunglasses with the three-dimensional appliques. Another flower, very similar to the daisy has bloomed as well; the sunflower. I’ve been a big fan of sunflowers for much of my life, I remember growing them when I was younger and always being shorter than them. The shorts with the sunflowers from American Apparel are so fun and fresh. They are an easy way to jazz up any outfit. Lastly, one of my favorite trends, the flower crown. Many people are very on the fence about the funky headwear, but I am infatuated. The trend is most often seen on musical icon Lana Del Rey, but many others are quickly catching on. Flower crowns are easy, and very chic. They also make for great DIY projects! 

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