Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis
A working title to describe the past eight weeks. 

In the shuffle of school, college, and general “teenager-itis”, I’ve neglected a personal goal of mine. That goal being – blogging. Over the course of the past couple months, I’ve logged onto Blogger a handful of times. Each time, I sit staring at my dashboard. I found no inspiration and no direction in which to lead myself. Since school has started up again, and for the last time until college rolls around, I found myself begging for a creative outlet. And in perfect timing, New York Fashion Week began. My Instagram feed was beautiful and bursting with runway-side shots from a plethora of shows. This got me thinking. Instead of making my blog a jumbled potpourri of ramblings, writing, and fashionable input, why not commit to just one of those. In that moment, I decided, this was a fashion blog. I changed my name, moved to New York, and I’m living off black coffee and cynicism.  All jokes aside – I did change my name; my blog name that is. I became Fashionable Youth, which seemed the most fitting. From this post on, this blog is fashion centered. Since I was a little girl, all I can remember giving a shit about was fashion. I have always, 100% wanted to work in the industry and be immersed in the culture. So now, I give a shit about this blog too. 
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