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Spring/Summer 2014 Trend Watch
I have been patiently waiting for the winter chill to subside, and the weather is just beginning to heat up. Even though the temperature is still relatively low, the spring vibes are here. One of my favorite trends for spring this year is the carefree, fluid silhouettes.  There is something so relaxed about the trends for spring this year. The fabrics are light, dainty, and free flowing. The patterns are feminine while still being down to earth. Many of the colors are muted and soft, but mixed with a few harder more sophisticated pieces. The clothing trends are relaxed and bohemian, while the accessory trends are sophisticated, simple, and minimalistic
1.       Fluid Silhouettes
There is nothing I love more than carefree fabrics. This year’s trends are bohemian and relaxed. Many of the fabrics are light and dainty. It’s a nice break from the ongoing trend of tight everything. Last year it was all about crop tops, shorts that were too short and revealing styles. In major contrast to last year’s trends, this year is much more easy-going and food baby friendly. You won’t have to worry about things sticking to your body all the time. 

2.      Muted Colors
One of my favorite colors for this spring is lavender. I would consider myself a lavender enthusiast as it is one of my favorite scents and now one of my favorite hues. Surprisingly I tend to dislike the color purple so I am momentarily removing lavender from the purple category. Many of the other colors this spring are light and muted rather than bright and outspoken. I love white this year, which is unexpected since over three quarters of my wardrobe is black. Other colors that caught my eye include olive green (typically a fall color), icy pastels and sandy nudes, as well as metallic colors.
    3.      Minimalistic Accessories
There is a lot of black and white this spring and accessories with clean lines to match. I love accessories that make everything look put together with minimal effort. Bags with clean and simple lines that are sophisticated paired with dainty, simple jewelry. Another big trend is hats. Floppy felt hats of any color, shape, size, they are definitely in and I hope they are here to stay. I have just about worn down my beanie collection so it’s about time that a new head-wear trend rolled around.
4.      Fringe
One of the trends that I am most excited about is fringe. There is nothing more carefree than fringe. Fringe is so playful and versatile. I have seen fringe used as trimming on shorts, skirts, motorcycle jackets, and many accessories. I’m sure this trend will die by next spring but I plan on wearing this trend until its dying day.
5.      Shift Dresses & Shirts
Shift dresses and shirts can be flattering on anyone in my opinion. I love that they have extremely boxy shapes that hang on the body. They are more boyish and less feminine but very versatile. I love boyish styles probably because I’m obsessed with menswear, but shift dresses are so easy to style and extremely comfortable to wear. You don’t have to worry about the fit as much as you would with something more form fitting. Places like Topshop have been making this style for ages and I suggest everyone hops on this bandwagon.
I could go on for days about why I love spring/summer fashion. Although fall/winter fashion will always trump spring/summer, there is something so easy and optimistic about not having to layer all the time. There are so many new and exciting trends to try that I simply cannot wait any longer. But as always, for people who are less apt to take fashion risks, remember; florals will always be your summertime companion as they never go out of style for spring.

Until next time,

x A

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