Spring Break 2014 Essentials

Spring Break 2014 Must-Haves

Whether you are jet-setting to a tropical island, crossing the Atlantic for a euro tour, or practicing a “stay-cation”, there are a few things that every person needs for spring break. I didn’t go into intense specifics since there is no point in me packing your bags for you, but these are my ultimate must-haves for any vacation.
       1.       An Instagram account
In this day in age, if you don’t take an artsy photo and throw on a half-assed filter, did it really happen? Even if you aren’t the type to post your own photos, there is no better way to creep on your friends and classmates’ spring break vacations. You can even live precariously through others’ Instagram photos- or you can find more reasons to grovel over the fact that you are spending spring break at grandma’s house…again.
      2.      A good book
It is almost a fact that whenever someone goes on vacation, they become a reader. Even if you haven’t picked up a book since you finished the Captain Underpants series, a good book makes every vacation better. The only thing more relaxing than the beach is getting lost in a novel while soaking up the sun. Plus, it gives you an excuse to go to a book store in search of hot nerdy boys.
      3.      Headphones
 If you are still living your life using Apple headphones, it is time to invest in a better pair. I can hardly go to school without my headphones, I couldn’t even imagine sitting on an airplane with screaming children and obnoxious business people without headphones. The best part about high quality headphones is that you don’t even have to be listening to music. The background noises still cancel out and you put up an imaginary “do not disturb” sign.
      4.      Music
Headphones would be useless without music. The perfect spring break playlist is a must for travels and even just staying at home. Memories are often associated with music. Create a playlist with every song you can think of that radiates warm vibes.
      5.      Sunscreen
Yeah, yeah, yeah…I’m not here to be your mother, but seriously. Skin cancer is a preventable issue so be proactive. No matter where you are, wear sunscreen. Even if you are just going outside for small periods of time, you are still being exposed to harmful sun rays. Be smart and lather up.
      6.      Underwear
That may sound stupid, but believe me, I have been on one too many vacations where I have forgotten to pack underwear. For some reason while I’m preoccupied with packing the entirety of my closet, I forget to pack some of the essentials. Trying to find a Target or a Walmart isn’t always as easy as it seems. Remember the important things.
      7.      A Journal
Believe it or not, memories are being made every moment. Document what happens this spring break. Even if your plans aren’t exciting write down everything. Even if it sounds cliche, going back to read an old journal is nostalgic and brings back memories.
      8.      A Camera
Take photos of everything. Be the tourist even if it kills you. Take photos of the sunsets, the palm trees, and even the people you see. Pictures are worth a thousand words so take hundreds.
Although the items on this list may seem obviously essential to every vacation, it is easy to forget and it is also easy to forget why you are bringing some things. As a notorious over-packer, remember that no matter what you bring on your vacation or lack thereof, the most important part is having a good attitude and making your own fun.  Your spring break is only as good as you make it, so make it a good one (and don’t forget your toothbrush!).

x A

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