California Dream

California Dream

 The battle of the coasts West vs. East is one of the most debated topics. Sandy beaches and pacific coastline vs. skyscrapers and city slickers. There is no clear-cut winner, but the west coast sure gave me a hell of a time. Spending days on the beach and exploring boardwalk shops and shopping in high end malls. In just seven days time, I felt like I soaked up as much Cali culture as I could manage. Starting in the one and only Los Angeles, and meandering through Santa Monica, was a dream in itself. We moved on our journey towards central California making pit-stops in Santa Barbara, Ostrich Land, Pismo Beach, and ending in San Luis Obispo. Soon after we made our way back down towards L.A. and further towards Orange County. We made a day trip to Disneyland, where dreams come true (or so they say). We continued our journey down to Laguna Beach and ended up in San Diego. In San Diego we spent time at the beaches, paddle boarding, shopping, and visiting the seals in La Jolla. The East coast may have a lot to offer, but the West puts up a damn good fight. Cali, you were good to me.


(More photos to come soon.)

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