Golden Revival

Golden Revival
The extended collection.

 In a desperate attempt to revive a lost art form, a few weeks prior to my California expedition, I bought ten disposable 35 mm film cameras. Film photography hasn’t died but disposable cameras almost have. While perusing through an Urban Outfitters, I happened across a disposable camera that came with graphics in the film that would show up when the photos were developed. Although the graphics didn’t show up as well as advertised, the idea inspired me and made for a rad photo experience. There is something so compelling about disposable cameras to me. You have twenty-four exposures and every one is a surprise. In the age of digital photography, you get as many shots as your memory card can hold and then you delete them and do it again. Taking photos on film is  like roulette, you never know if you get a good photo until after they are developed. Looking at the pictures for the first time is thrilling and nostalgic all at the same time. Even through the poor lighting, the grain, and overall amateurism of the photos I took, there is a lot of novelty in the experience I had and getting to relive it through photos. The nature of the photos and it’s unfiltered, unedited innocence captures everything I could hope that it would. It captured the moment, and it captured my inspiration beautifully.

My pretentious ramblings about disposable cameras has probably bored you half to death, but these are the last few photos in the collection from my trip to the golden west coast. Of course I took many more, but these are the only ones I deemed worthy of sharing.

x A

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