June Favorites

June Favorites

In the land of the blogs, do as the bloggers do. In following this I decided it may be fitting to make a list of all the things I am seriously digging this month. Since summer began, I feel like I have been moving non-stop and the month is now almost over. My June favorites may be a bit premature, but why not share them anyways. 

1. First on the list is the World Cup. I have never been a particularly athletic person. Although a few times throughout my life I tried my hand (or should I say foot?) at soccer, I still never had much interest in watching the World Cup. However, this year I got swept up in the mass hysteria and here I am yelling at my television. Honestly, I don’t know much about technicalities, but I do know that Van Persie’s goal against Spain was a work of god. I’ve been watching almost all of the matches subconsciously, and I am not even a little bit sorry for my newest obsession.The biggest upset was watching Spain get annihilated – twice. Nonetheless, Claudio Marchisio could easily father my children, and I’m not even sorry.

2. Dorm Planning: if I could sum this up in two words, they would be “addicting” and “stressful”. I have finally started to wrap my head around the fact that I will be going to college at the end of August, and that has led me to incessant planning for my new home. I have spent hours loading up my shopping cart on potterybarn.com and containterstore.com and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

3. Lavender incense are something that will never get old. I’ve decided that lavender is my favorite scent and I have already literally burnt through two packs of incense in about a month’s time. I will for sure miss burning incense when I’m living in a dorm.

4. Kiwi has always been amongst my favorite fruits. This month I have been obsessively eating them. On the plus side, they are packed with an insane amount of vitamin C and a plethora of other health benefits.

5. Nineties fashion has been on the radar for months now. Jelly sandals, scrunchies, overalls, and choker necklaces are all things I wore as a child and have once again made their fashion resurrection. I think we have grunge queen Kylie Jenner to thank for that one.

6. Kodaline, Ultraviolence, & The Internet: Music is my lifeline. I cannot make it through the day without listening to music. This month I have been enjoying Kodaline’s chill vibes as well as Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence. Ultraviolence has a sultry, low-key sound that makes you want to take a three a.m. joyride. Lastly, I have recently been listening to The Internet, a group that is part of the Odd Future collective. They are definitely worth checking out. 

7. The summer wouldn’t be complete without Netflix binging. I have successfully watched all available seasons of Parks & Recreation, and I have a huge girl crush on April Ludgate, as well as Amy Poehler. I quickly moved onto Dexter which I am still working on, but it is very addicting and makes becoming a heroic serial killer a viable career option. 

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