Making the Cut

Making the Cut
cut the crop 
In the world of hair, there has been an overwhelming population of people pining for Rapunzel-length hair for quite some time. In the past eight months or so, everything began to change. Kylie Jenner, member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, chopped her long locks and swapped them for a cropped cut. Over the last few months she’s gone shorter, darker, bluer, and everything in between. Jenner was first of many to hop on the hair makeover bandwagon – soon to follow was Ashley Tisdale, Hilary Duff, and Taylor Swift. To add to the fabulous list of beauties with shorter do’s, Ashley Olsen and Ashley Benson also have been rocking the look for quite a while (that’s a lot of Ashley’s). Nowadays, instead of clean cut lines, these celebs have been going for grungier and messier looks and textures. Rougher edges mixed with beachy waves is an effortless look that anyone can pull off, and personally, I’m pretty pleased with the new wave of hair trends. Long hair is beautiful, but short hair is in. 

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