Meet Your Match

Meet Your Match
One of the newest trends to hit the scene this year is matching separates. Many brands call them co-ordinates or suits; but regardless of the name, they are separate pieces of an outfit, that match. One of the advantages of this trend is that you have two pieces that you can wear together or separately. You have multiplied your options in terms of how many outfits you can create and now you have two versatile wardrobe pieces. Some stores and brands are still catching on to the trend, but Topshop has been selling co-ordinates for years, and still has some of my favorites. Another website that sells these matching sets is Missguided has so many different options in terms of color, style, pattern, and shapes. Price-wise, Missguided sells each piece separately and depending on the material and the style the prices can vary but typically each piece is priced around $30. Topshop on the other hand tends to run a little more on the pricey side, but it is made up for in quality. Topshop’s matching sets are typically sold separately and run for about $70 per piece. Here are some of my favorite matching sets that I have found:
      missguided        topshop                   missguided    topshop      missguided          missguided 
I love the array of styles to choose from as well as the different fabrics and colors. My personal favorite sets are tighter skirts or slimmer shorts with looser crop tops. The contrast in the fit from top and bottom balance the outfit out. I adore numbers 4 and 5 because I love the idea of matching pants with a top and the all white Topshop set is very on trend.
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