DIY @ Dusk

DIY @ Dusk
see how I half-ass a pinterest project in the dark
Let me preface this post by saying that nine p.m. on a Thursday is not ideal for starting a do-it-yourself pinterest project. This post is definitely not my finest hour for photography but just bear with me here. As I’m sure you know by now, I am moving to college in almost a month, and I have been working tirelessly (sort of) to find furnishings and decorations for my dorm. I knew I needed some sort of bulletin board to put on the walls but I didn’t want to shell out the money for one from Pottery Barn and I also didn’t want some boring piece of cork covered plywood from Office Max hanging on my walls either. I then turned to pinterest; hub of every creative project you could ever imagine. I found one that seemed easy enough and thankfully, turned out not too shabby. I decided to document it in case anyone reading this might want to try to outdo my performance, which wouldn’t be hard. The project took about forty minutes from start to finish, and it wasn’t particularly expensive either, which was a plus! Here’s what I did: 
1. Supply run to Michael’s Craft store. Here’s what you need: standard cork board (mine was roughly 2′ by 3′ and cost $17), acrylic paint in your desired color(s), tape, scissors, ruler, and paint brushes.
2. Begin by taping around the inside edges of the cork board so you don’t get paint on it while you are painting the border. Be careful while taping the cork board because I found that with my board specifically, the cork was thin and didn’t adhere well to the backing, causing the tape to rip up some chunks of cork when the tape was removed. 
3. Paint your border in your desired color. You are most likely going to need two coats so start off with a relatively thin layer to cover wooden border. Once you are finished with the first coat, wait about five minutes and then continue to paint the second coat and let it dry. 
4. Remove the tape from around the border, be careful while pulling and don’t be hasty. Now comes the bulk of the work; taping the design. I decided to go with a chevron design, inspired by this post. I started to measure eight inch pieces of tape and began my chevron about a quarter of the way up the side of my board. I made sure to keep the pieces the same length and tried my best to keep the peaks and valleys of the chevron level. As I made the second chevron I left an inch between the second and the first. I then continued with that row and added one more.
5. Now you can paint! This is the easy part. Once you are finished with your painting, leave it to dry for about five minutes to dry and you can begin to remove the tape (cautiously).
I left my board outside in my garage to dry overnight and for a last minute, half-assed project, I am very happy with the outcome! It is simple and it is much cuter and more affordable than anything you could find at Office Max.
So there you have it folks! My finished DIY bulletin board! I hope the photo quality didn’t bother you too much as it somewhat looks like I was doing this during the dead of night. I had fun and got a kick-ass finished product! Also – special shout out to my friend Amy who was photographing most of the process for me. It will probably be a while before I try my hand at another pinterest project since they aren’t as easy as they seem. 
x A

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