How to Permanently Rid Your Life of Sweatpants

How to Permanently Rid Your Life of Sweatpants
the clothing, not the song
Sitting down to write this, I can already feel the cringes and upset this could cause someone. I want to point out that this is not supposed to be a pretentious “ew you wear sweatpants” type of post, but a post that is about improving your life. First, I would like to state that I do not count leggings as sweatpants, however I still feel that one’s wardrobe should not solely consist of only leggings.
About two or three years ago I began to cleanse myself of all things terry-cloth, velour, and fleece. It all began when I decided that school was not the place to wear sweatpants. Sweatpants are comfortable, cozy, and above all: meant for lounging. Unless you plan on taking a nap in the middle of the mall or engaging in a movie marathon at the grocery store, you aren’t doing yourself many favors with sweatpants.
Not too long into my cleanse, I realized that I no longer even owned a pair of sweatpants. I never found a reason to wear them because if I was leaving my house, I was dressed appropriately and if I was at home I was in leggings or in my pajamas.
Coming to the realization that I didn’t own a pair of sweatpants was actually quite uplifting. Whenever I leave my house I like to look put together, and I realized that looking good actually makes you feel good. This doesn’t mean that I dressed myself up just to go to the movies but it means that I was wearing clothes that I looked and felt good in. Never had I looked and felt good in sweatpants. 
I greatly encourage everyone to cleanse their lives of sweatpants because it has done nothing but good for me. Some people could argue that they wear sweatpants because it is cold, but that is just an excuse. I have lived in Minnesota all my life, and I had no problem giving up sweatpants. Climate is just a mental limitation, not a physical one. 
If you feel up to the challenge, here are some tips to help you on your way to giving up sweatpants: 
1. Limit your collection: don’t quit cold turkey. 
This sounds like you are giving up an addictive drug, but for some people it may be hard to get rid of their comfortable clothes. Keep your favorite pair but limit your wear for inside the house. 
2. Create an outfit inspiration folder or collage.
I have an entire folder of outfits I like on my computer, appropriately labeled “outfit goals”. Whenever I’m lacking fashion inspiration I look at what I have in that folder for extra inspiration. I also have a collage of fashion icons that give me inspiration when I’m getting ready in the morning. 
3. Plan your outfits. 
I’m not trying to be your mom but planning your outfits ahead of time is actually extremely helpful. I am constantly thinking of what I am going to wear next, sometimes I plan my outfits a week in advance (crazy, I know). It greatly reduces the stress of what you are going to wear when you are getting ready. 
4. Own comfortable real clothes.
Find a really comfortable pair of jeans or pants. I am obsessed with jeggings or stretchy jeans because they are so comfortable. If you don’t want to opt for a pair of jeans you can wear a stylish pair of tailored pants – since they are so on-trend right now you can find them in tons of comfortable fabrics. 
 5. Do it because it makes you feel better. 
I literally cannot stress this enough, but getting rid of sweatpants was kind of like reading a self-help book. If you look put together, you feel put-together. Plus, people don’t tend to compliment you on your sweatpants, but they do compliment you on your comfy-casual style. 

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