Woman Crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday
not #wcw
For anyone who loves black as much as I do, you probably look up to the beautifully cynical Wednesday Addams. Wednesday’s realism and overt hatred for basically everything is so hauntingly charming but what is even more charming is her fashion sense. Wednesday practically founded the goth look. She has iconic double braids and a metaphorical rain cloud that follows her. She’s almost always dressed in black or dark colors and has a crisp white collar. Whenever I see shirts nowadays with any sort of accent collar I attribute it to Wednesday. I love shirts like these because they are so effortless since the collar is an accent on the shirt. Shirts with collars are so versatile and they are fitting for almost any occasion. Here are some examples of “inspired” shirts:

Wednesday Addams will always be my WCW, nobody can get on her level.

(Click on the first photo to buy a print of Wednesday)

x A

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