Dorm Haul: Favorites

Dorm Haul: Favorites
I promise I’m not a hoarder…
With my freshman year of college quickly approaching I have been obsessively planning and shopping for my dorm. Way back in June I started an “inspiration board” for my dorm room on Polyvore. I absolutely adore Polyvore because it allowed me to basically design my room to my liking. It was so easy to change things out and find the exact things I was looking for. Thankfully my roommate and I have similar tastes and instead of picking out a color scheme, we opted for an overall aesthetic. We decided to use urban/indie styles; kind of based off Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. Two of the central pieces of my dorm design were the bedding and tapestry. I knew right away that I wanted to hang a tapestry on the wall, since dorms can seem very enclosed and boring. I found my tapestry at Urban Outfitters and I am absolutely obsessed with it! Once I chose the tapestry, the rest of my design came together. Here are some of my favorite pieces (4/5 are from Target!) that I have purchased for my dorm! 

(Here’s my Polyvore design board)

1. Accent Mirrors (Target – $8) 
Almost every time I step foot into Target I pick up something for my dorm. This purchase is one of my favorites because it was such a steal! These mirrors were on clearance for $8, originally priced at $25, I just could not pass these up! 

2. Decorative Throw Pillows (Target – $16 each) 
I went with the grey, neutral bedding from West Elm so it was a no-brainer that I had to spice up my bed with some accent pillows. I am so in love with these pillows. The colors work flawlessly with my room design and I love the contrasting patterns and materials.

3. Cute Plastic Dishes (Tuesday Morning – $2 each)
One morning after going to the dentist with my mom, she suggested that we go into Tuesday Morning, a small store that channels junk store mixed with TJMaxx. I wasn’t planning on finding anything but then I laid eyes on these adorable dishes. These plates and bowls were so affordable (and plastic!) that I had to get 2 of each style in each color.

 4. Magnetic Cork Storage Cups (Target- $13) 
My mom gifted me with these cute little storage cups. What I love about them is that they are magnetic so if I choose to I could put them on the wall to store things like beauty accessories or even desk supplies.

5. Rosette String Lights (Target- $15)
Of course a dorm room would not be complete without some sort of hanging or string lights. These are possibly the cutest ones I have ever seen. They are really girly, which doesn’t usually appeal to me, but I adore these lights!

I can hardly wait until I actually get moved in and all of my long hours of searching and designing will pay off!

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