Down & Out: A Playlist

Down & Out: A Playlist
A few months ago, I decided to test out iTunes radio and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I remember venturing into the world of unknown music via iTunes radio because none of the music that I had in my personal library would fit my mood just right. I was in the midst of a strong case of the winter blues and I needed something that was light enough to keep me floating through my days and nights, but I needed something heavy at the same time to affirm my state of mind. It seems that often times when we are sad, we need to let ourselves feel a little sad. Whenever I’m feeling somber I search for music that matches because I need to let myself feel whatever is going on inside my brain. When I realized that I had used and abused my stockpile of melancholy music, I turned to iTunes radio. In doing so, I came across and began to compile an all new down and out playlist. To be quite honest with you, I hadn’t listened to this playlist for about five months, but I knew I had to share it with you. Sitting down to make this post, I am in a nostalgic state, somewhere between content happiness and fleeting sadness. I’m listening to the moody and mellow tones of this playlist as my background and even though there are only fifteen songs on this playlist, I could never tire of their sounds – this is truly my ultimate down and out playlist. 
I begin the playlist with a song from Lucy Rose, an artist that I discovered early in my iTunes radio adventure. I quickly fell in love with her because “Night Bus” was the first song I had heard by her and it was one of those songs that hits you so hard you begin to tear up. I don’t remember if I was on the verge of tears due to context or because of the beauty I found within the song, but I knew that I had stumbled upon an amazing artist. The playlist continues with appearances by The Lumineers, Ben Howard, Hozier, and Iron & Wine. I even included the now overplayed “Say Something” by A Great Big World. There are many artists on this playlist that I had never even heard of before I compiled this list, but I am now head over heels in love with them. I hope that no matter what compels you to listen to this playlist, that you enjoy it. These are some of the most effortlessly beautiful and solemn songs I have ever come across. 
x A

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