The Ball is in Your Court

The Ball is in Your Court
American Apparel tennis skirts have taken over the fashion world
Last fall, the big skirt trend was envelope style skirts or skorts, and this year there is something completely different in store. American Apparel has been selling their tennis style skirts for ages now, but recently the trend started to pick up. I can barely scroll down my Instagram or Tumblr feed without seeing a grunge-chic girl donning a dark colored tennis skirt. For some reason, I am infatuated with this trend, along with the rest of the world. I don’t quite know why this skirt has become so popular, it could have something to do with the girly pleating, the innocent school-girl looking style, or even the nineties revival movement (because I guess that could fit the bill). These skirts are sold in a wide array of colors and patterns – including plaid (my favorite!). The solid colored skirts run at about $54 and the plaid patterned skirts run a bit higher at $65.
There are so many versatile ways to wear this skirt that it seems foolish to pass it up. Plus, I’m a total sucker for plaid skirts so hopefully I can get my hands on one of these! Take a peek at some of the looks I found via Tumblr (click on photo for source):

All these babes are acing this trend, will you?

x A

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