It’s All Grey To Me…

It’s All Grey To Me…
or “gray”, whatever

To be completely honest, the color grey used to disgust me. I absolutely hated grey because it was so unflattering and boring. Although, looking back on it, I can’t say much about boring because 80% of my wardrobe is black. This season though, something changed and grey became relevant. On the 2014 fall runways, grey was a huge trend. Many designers used grey in their color palettes and here I am, lusting after grey everything. I think that grey is a nice color for fall because it is a neutral without being too bland all the time. It is so easy to match up with other colors and palettes, and it isn’t as harsh as black (even though I will always be loyal to black). I have already purchased a nice grey sweater to add to my ever growing collection of knits. I am excited to style fun outfits with such a versatile piece. It is so easy to make grey seem boring, but with the styles that are trendy this season, there are so many fun ways to add grey to your wardrobe and make it look on trend and fashionable. 

These are some of the looks from the Pre-Fall 2014 BCBG runway, I love that they are mixing patterns and metallics to the grey basics. The patterns add depth and interest to the outfit without being overbearing to the grey tones. 

I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with this over-sized coat from Hermes. This coat is from the Hermes 2014 Fall runway. I love how the color of the coat compliments the soft lines of the shape itself. The coat is a statement piece, but not in an obnoxious way. 

The last three looks are from the Viktor & Rolf 2014 Fall runway. Each look is simple but chic in it’s own way. The first look takes simple elements from menswear such as the tailored trousers. I also love that the sweater in the first look has interesting lines and details, it makes the grey tones of the outfit seem more interesting. The second look is very cool and unique with the tailored trousers paired with a sweater that acts somewhat like a dress. The sweater cuts up above the hip and cascades down almost to the floor. My favorite of the looks though is the last one. This dress is so eye-catching and fun. It is tailored and modest, yet sexy at the same time. With the longer length and reserved colors, it is a conservative look, but the sheerness of the skirt and parts of the top add a sexy element to the look. 

Here are some of my favorite ways to wear grey this season. Obviously I love the over-sized coat trend, so I’m a sucker for this Valentino one. This Acne sweater looks so cozy and would match with just about anything imaginable. Other ways to incorporate grey into your wardrobe can be through accessories like this Givenchy clutch, these Jeffrey Campbell pumps, or a grey felt hat. You can also be subtle with charcoal grey nail polish, which is so chic! 

x A

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