Fall Trend Watch

Fall Trend Watch 2014
the best time of year

August is almost ready to come to a close, which brings anticipation for fall. Fall is my favorite season simply because fall fashion is the absolute best. Nothing beats boots, sweaters, and layering. I decided to bring you a trend watch for fall to get you just as excited as I am. There are some very new and unique trends to try this year, and I couldn’t be more excited. 

1. Robe Overcoats

Robe overcoats is definitely not the technical term for these over-sized chic coats, but that’s what I’m going to call them. These coats were a huge hit on the runways this year. Coats are a fall essential and I am obsessed with these ones. They come in an array of styles and colors and in a range of materials. These coats are so effortless and easy to wear. Most of them are long enough to pair with pant as well as dresses, but are still functional. 

2. Sixties Mod, Seventies Hustle, & New-Age Nineties

This truly is the battle of the decades. This year, instead of focusing on one decade in fashion, we are welcoming three with open arms. Sixties mod is in this year with flouncy midi-skirts and modern mini skirts. Mohair sweaters and conservative tops as well as loafers and oxfords are some big trends from the sixties that are big this fall.  The seventies has also been blowing up lately. This includes chic wrap dresses, bell sleeves, wide-leg jeans and trousers. For accessories, look for chunky heels and tassel earrings. Another trend that has roots in the seventies is felt hats- always a favorite. Lastly, you can never forget about the nineties. Think mom jeans, chunky boots, lots of black, and choker necklaces. This is nothing new since this has been a trend since the spring, but it is holding strong through the fall as well.

3. Knitted Up 

One of my favorite trends from the fall runways this year is thick knit sweaters. I am a sweater addict, I have quite the collection myself, and they are my favorite things to wear. Sweaters this year are thick and chunky in monochrome shades. Most of the sweaters have eye catching details like zippers, sharp angular cuts, and even turtlenecks. As they say, “sweater weather is better weather.”

4. Color Centric 

This trend is rare for fall, but this year it is all about color. Bright oranges, yellows, blues, and every shade in between is on trend for fall this year. This trend is so fun since most people regard brighter hues as summer shades, but I can’t wait to play with bright pieces and accessories in my wardrobe this fall. 

5. Florals, for fall? 

“Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking.” Usually floral patterns are reserved for the spring time, but this year they are making the jump to fall as well. Muted florals are a huge trend this year and you can get floral patterns on just about anything imaginable. I absolutely adore these floral pumps from ASOS and I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

6.  Varsity Girls 

The last huge trend for fall is varsity and sporty inspired styles. Baseball tees, and this contrast tee from Topshop are so simple and comfortable but can also be used to create a fashionable sporty look. I have two pairs of Calvin Klien slip on sneakers like these Vans ones and they are the best shoes I have owned in a long time. Sneakers, socks, and varsity jackets can do no wrong this fall.

I hope I could get you more excited for fall with this post. Don’t be afraid to try these trends, they are so easy and fun it would be a shame to miss out!

x A

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