Autumn Sounds

Autumn Sounds
imagine the sounds of crunching leaves and apple cider brewing
I deeply apologize for my extended absence on here. I have been swept up into the hysteria of college life and fall festivities. Everything moves so quickly here in the city, I can’t even explain how deeply I love this place. For anyone reading this that has never visited Chicago, it is a must. We have a beach in the midst of skyscrapers, Lollapalooza every summer, Chicago style hot dogs, deep dish pizza, and a small town feel in a big city. There is nothing to dislike about this amazing city, I absolutely love and cherish every moment I spend her. Not only that, but I have made amazing friends and have been going on crazy, exciting adventures with them. 
Since I have been quite absent over the past month or so, I decided I owed it to myself, as well as you to present you with a new playlist! I know I have missed a few months so I decided to compile an Autumn Sounds playlist that was extra long. This collection of sounds has the perfect balance of slow songs and fast. 
About a week ago, I got to see the artist Banks at a live taping performance courtesy of JBTV here in Chicago, and it was amazing! She is an extremely talented performer and vocalist so of course I had to include her on the list! As for many of the usual suspects like Frank Ocean, The Temper Trap, and City and Colour, they are oldies but goodies.
I hope that you enjoy this playlist and find yourself in a pumpkin patch somewhere or possibly frolicking through an apple orchard sometime this season. Treat yo’self! 
x A

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