I Wore Sweatpants Yesterday…

I Wore Sweatpants Yesterday…
and it was a fashion statement

So, lets backtrack. You know how a couple months ago I wrote about how I warded off sweatpants from my wardrobe? Well, I would like to preface this with saying that I didn’t necessarily break this streak, but I managed to bend the rules a bit. Lately, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, joggers are a HUGE trend in street style. Almost everyone is rocking a pair of “tailored” joggers. I use the term “tailored” lightly because at the end of the day, they are really just pseudo-sweatpants. Regardless of the fact that they were sweatpants, I wore them. I had been searching diligently for a pair of joggers that were cute and comfortable as well as versatile. I was finally able to find a pair at H&M for an amazingly affordable price, I may add. 

After ages of ruthless searching, my prayers were answered. A pair of joggers caught my eye and I scooped them up faster than I could have ever imagined. Part of what makes joggers inherently more fashionable than sweatpants is the fact that they are a bit more form fitting. They fit closer to the leg, have a straighter line, and typically taper at the ankle. I love any pair of joggers that has zippers, embellishments, or unique stitching because that immediately sets them apart from other sweatpants. Instead of looking frumpy, they look fashionable. 

I woke up yesterday and I decided I was going to rock these joggers for my classes. I knew I was going to be comfortable so I had to step it up with the rest of my outfit. It would be all too easy to add a graphic tee and a cozy cardigan, so I decided that I would make the sweatpants a fashion statement. I paired my two-tone grey sweatpants with a dark charcoal tee from H&M with jewel embellishments on it and I added on top of that a blush/rose colored blazer. For footwear I wore a pair of black slip-on Calvin Klein loafers. 

 This is nowhere near what my outfit looked like but here are some similar replicas of the items I wore to give you a general idea.

One of my biggest stipulations about wearing sweatpants at any time of the day is that it doesn’t allow me to feel my best. If I look my best, I feel my best. With the coming of the jogger revolution, I was able to be comfortable in a pair of fashionable sweatpants while still looking put together and fashion forward. 

I recommend you all go find yourself a pair of joggers. 

x A 

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