Sounds of November

Sounds of November
something to listen to while getting a turkey hangover
It’s that time again where I give you a playlist filled with music I’ve been jamming to. This month is ALL OVER the place. I thought I could add some Christmas music, but decided to save that for next month, since after all, it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet. I’ve been recovering from a few post-concert depressions, so that is to blame for my sporadic choices this month. I couldn’t even be bothered to put this playlist in a pleasant order. However, I feel that better characterizes my mood and the mood of the month in general. 
There are a lot of newcomers to the playlist this time around though, like Vance Joy, Alt-J, Banks, Jhene Aiko, Walk the Moon, and CHVRCHES. I have been listening to many new artists, and I’m happy to say that I could possibly be seeing Jhene Aiko in December. I’m mostly excited because although she’s fantastic, The Internet is touring with her, who I absolutely adore.
Other returning favorites like The 1975, Bastille, and The Temper Trap are pretty much staples to my playlist. Not too long ago, CHVRCHES, Bastille, and The 1975, along with other great artists re-scored the movie Drive. Drive is a fantastic film in many ways, including Ryan Gosling and his amazing jacket, so check it out. Medicine by The 1975 and The Driver by Bastille are two tracks from the current re-score.
I hope you have a happy listening and find something new to jam to. 
x A

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