Gift Guide: For the Fashionable Gal

Gift Guide: For the Fashionable Gal
because every year you realize you have no idea what to buy
Believe it or not, it is that time of year again. The holiday season is simultaneously the most exciting and most expensive time of the year. There is no feeling quite like buying gifts for people. We all know that even though giving gifts is gratifying, it can hurt your wallet a bit. Personally, I have to talk myself up about buying expensive gifts sometimes. Regardless of how much you break the bank, giving gifts isn’t about the monetary value, it is about the thought and sentiment of the act. I love gift giving for that exact reason. Seeing someone’s face after they open a gift that you put thought into is the most rewarding moment. I want you all to have that moment when giving gifts to your friends/family/significant others/etc. This is my 2014 holiday gift guide for the fashionable gal: 

1. DIY Spa Basket
A huge go-to gift for any fashionable gal is a spa basket. There is so much versatility with this option and it will never fail. You can purchase pre-made gift baskets from just about anywhere including Bath & Body Works, Lush, Kiehl’s, The Body Shop, the list goes on. Even if you don’t want to shell out the big bucks for a ready-made basket, you can throw one together yourself. All you need is a face mask or two, some nail polish, fuzzy socks, bath salts or body scrubs, and a loofa! It’s so simple and she will appreciate the usefulness of all the items.
 The Body Shop
 Bath & Body Works
2. Personalized Jewelry

This is one of my favorite things to give people as gifts. There are so many ways you can personalize things and so many items to personalize! Giving someone a personalized piece of jewelry is special, wearable, and sentimental. My first place to look for these items is Etsy. There are so many unique pieces you can personalize with names, dates, locations, quotes, and more! I personally love engraved bar necklaces and simple rings or bracelets. This gift is super easy but still thoughtful and sentimental.

3. Prints or Room Decor
This is one of the things that I’m sure many people don’t immediately think about when giving gifts, but personally I adore decor. Giving the gift of room decor or decorative prints is easy and creative. You can find so many unique prints on Etsy and Society6. Even a quick google search can lead you to find the cutest prints. Other decor you can gift can be candles, because seriously, who doesn’t love candles? Even a throw blanket, decorative pieces, or picture frames can make great gifts.

 above: Etsy
4. Easy Accessories
If you have to buy for someone who seems to have it all, easy accessories are the go-to gifts! Scarves, purses, and even hats are fashionable accessories that are easy to buy for someone else. They are simple and easy enough without having to know specifics about size, color, etc. Go with timeless pieces when gifting accessories, for example purses in nude, black, brown, or neutrals in timeless silhouettes like cross-body or structured. When gifting scarves, go with neutrals as well or patterns and colors that match with anything. Avoid buying a scarf or purse that is extremely hard to wear or seems difficult to style, and always keep in mind the style of the gal you’re gifting to! Another accessory that I love this year is Alex and Ani bracelets and Dogeared jewelry, they are simple but cute, and still personal without being fully personalized.

5. Fashion Books
This is one of my favorite gifts to be on the receiving end of because books about fashion are interesting (at least to me) and they double as cute decor as well. I am a sucker for coffee table books and there are tons out there about fashion, believe me. Giving the gift of a book about fashion to your fashionable friend will never fail, they are fun to look at and have tons of outfit inspiration and it makes the perfect gift.

6. Fun Food & Drink 
If you have run low on ideas or if you are giving a gift to someone who loves to eat or even someone who is health conscious, there is hope. Something that is always a great gift especially for tea or coffee lovers is just that! For someone that loves tea, Teavana or Davids Tea both have really cool options for loose leaf tea and have mugs and infusers that are super cute. A fun mug is always a great gift as well, because everyone loves cute mugs, lets be real. Anthropologie always has a fun selection of home wear or you could check out somewhere like Home Goods or even Target.

7. Something Completely Sentimental
The last item on the list is something 100% authentic, probably handmade, and super sentimental. This is the category that the “hug coupons” you gave your dad when you were five would go. Fun ideas for sentimental gifts usually come from your heart. I know that I love to make mixtapes, Netflix or movie guides, or even collections of letters to “read when”. If you decide to make something or give a gift of sentiment, it doesn’t have to be perfect, because it came from the heart and that is all that matters.

The holidays are stressful, but buying gifts shouldn’t be! I hope you found some gift-spiration in this post and have some new ideas of what to get your fashionable friends. Look out for the Fashionable Guy’s gift guide soon and happy shopping!

x A 

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