Three Outfits to Absolutely Own the Holidays

Three Outfits to Absolutely Own the Holidays
because there is nothing more stressful than dressing yourself during the most stressful time of year
The holidays are such a whirlwind most times, and in all the chaos, you find yourself with nothing to wear the night before a holiday party, Christmas Eve, or even to church. I fall victim to this myself, and often times this is what stresses me out on those event-filled nights. I put together this “lookbook” of sorts for you all to reference when putting together outfits for your holiday festivities. I would have made an actual lookbook, however being home from school, my clothing selection is pretty limited. I personally have already compiled my rockin’ outfit for Christmas Eve, since in my family, that’s when all the shenanigans go down. Whatever you do to celebrate the holidays, you should look glamorous doing it.
1. The Gothic Christmas 
This is actually one of my favorite outfits. Mostly because it is comprised of dark colors and a turtle neck. This outfit on a normal day screams “I am really cynical!”, but you can wear this and look super chic and still stay warm. This is one of the least formal outfits making it extremely easy to wear and make your own. This actually closely resembles my outfit for Christmas, which is a black, wool, Madewell turtleneck and Chelsea booties from ASOS. Pairing a turtleneck with a chunky statement necklace adds interest to the ensemble, and I love these two pieces because they are so unique. For makeup, a darker, richer lip shade and darker nails pulls the outfit together.
2. White Hot Holiday 
This outfit is equally as beautiful, and a bit more dressy. Sweater dresses are nice because they are form fitting to give you shape, but not constricting so you can still binge on ham. Warming this outfit up with gold accents gives it a classy and formal look. I very recently just purchased these boots from the brand Bar III (from Macy’s) and I love them. The heel elongates your leg and gives you such a sleek look. Adding layered necklaces or some more simple accessories allows your outfit to live on its own. I love this black and gold watch for a nice accent piece. Since it is winter after all, adding tights and knee high socks is a must, so go for a pop of color like this deep red. As far as makeup goes, keep it pretty simple. Use gold eyeshadow and highlight your cheeks to create a nice glowing look and add a rich lip color to finish it off.

3. A Fur Affair

This outfit is the most dressy of them all, and possibly the most unique of them all. I adore this dark olive green skater skirt. The skirt is a longer length making this outfit fitting for multiple occasions and classing up the entire look. As a nice compliment to the green color of the skirt, add a gold metallic top like this sequin one. The holidays are an excuse to deck yourself out with sparkles galore, so take advantage of it. My favorite part about this outfit is the jacket. This faux fur black coat adds youthfulness to the outfit and will make you the most stylish person of the night. For accessories, keep your footwear simple with pumps or a pair of Chelsea boots, add a black and gold belt to cut up the outfit a bit, a pair of plain tights, and don’t overdo it on jewelry. Keeping your makeup simple is important as well. Your outfit is the main focus so go for a more nude lip, neutral eyes, and muted blush. If you want to add a fun nail color, go with a deep, deep navy blue that will compliment the other colors in your look.

I hope that this was able to inspire your holiday wardrobe choices. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure to stay warm, take a risk, and enjoy your holidays.

Stay chic and happy holidays.

x A

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