Harry Styles: The Man the Fashion World Needed

Harry Styles: The Man the Fashion World Needed

I can literally hear the screeching sounds of teenage girl screams in my ear. For the longest time I knew that the notorious band member and heart-breaker was doing something for the fashion industry. The uniqueness that Styles exhibits within his personal style is hard to find in guys his age, and he isn’t afraid to drop a pretty penny on classic designer pieces either.

The boy band heart-throb is constantly evolving his style but somehow keeps it looking classic and edgy. He frequents only a handful of brands, but has quickly emerged as a style icon. He bares resemblance to rock legends like Mick Jagger and Kieth Richards. He keeps his style masculine with a touch of femininity with textures and patterns that have hints of elegance. Styles is already practically the face for Saint Laurent, and is now quickly becoming Lanvin’s new muse. He has no problem wearing what he wants and trying new styles, which includes his weird head-wrap phase. He thankfully moved on to wide brim hats though which adds another angle to his fashionable side. Out of the quintet, he probably has the most defined style and has even won the 2013 British Fashion Award at the British Fashion Awards. It could be attributed to how much time he spends befriending supermodels like Alexa Chung, Cara Delevingne, and Nadine Leopold, or he just has a very keen eye for trends. 

Harry Styles truly is making the fashion world his own and has influenced trends, designers, and even the styles of his bandmates. 2014 was a great year for Styles in terms of fashion, so here’s to hoping he brings us even more stylish moments in 2015.

 Pictured above: The dreamboat and cigarette hand shirt are both by up and coming British designer Ashley Williams. I personally love the street style influences in both of these pieces. Prior to Styles wearing the latter shirt, Rihanna sported a pantsuit by Williams in the same pattern. Great minds think alike.
 Pictured above: Styles doesn’t wear Burberry too often, but when he does, he looks great. 
 Pictured above: Styles being casual in a Comme Des Garcons t-shirt, which probably cost him a fortune. But what’s pocket change to a millionaire?
 Pictured above: Styles’ new favorite designer seems to be Lanvin, which I fully approve of. The red pinstripe suit he donned to the 2014 British Fashion Awards is probably one of my favorite suits I’ve seen. It’s well styled and unique without going over the top.
 Pictured above: And finally, we come to the last and most important factor of Styles’ stylish stardom: Saint Laurent. Saint Laurent has always been one of my favorite designers, so I supposed I’m a little bias. However, Styles is constantly wearing pieces by this designer and I could definitely have found about twenty more photos to supplement this, but I was frankly too lazy. He has totally leveled up in class and chic factor.
Whether you’re a fan of fashion, of the band, or both, Styles has a lot going for him with his unwavering charisma and his killer fashion sense. He attends fashion week like it is church and clutches to his Saint Laurent boots like it’s the holy grail. Stay fashionable Styles. 
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