Fashion Favorites of 2014

Fashion Favorites of 2014
a definitive list of fashion things I loved in 2014

1. Chelsea Boots
The first thing on the list is one of my all time favorites and probably will continue to be my favorite for a while. Chelsea boots are the ultimate classic, easy, and chic shoe. I can’t express enough how much I love a good pair of chelsea boots. They are so easy to style and are super versatile. Not to mention they are easy to slip on and off and come in an array of materials and styles. I have seen wellie chelsea boots which are great for winter and spring, leather in different colors and with a multitude of different accents, and even heeled booties (like my favorite pair of black ASOS chelsea booties). Not only are chelsea boots great for the ladies, they are equally as stylish and versatile on guys too. I have an extremely soft spot in my heart for any guy who dons a pair of chelsea boots. 

2. Faux Fur
Oh. My. God. Yes. Faux fur has been taking over my life lately. I don’t know why or how but I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with faux fur. To many people it may seem trashy or gross, but I think that if you need an instant glam-factor, faux fur is the way to go. There are so many ways to wear fur that its impossible not to love. I love faux fur in literally every pattern, color, texture, and style. I even feel that it is about time that I get my hands on a faux fur key chain (like this one from Nasty Gal.) One of my favorite faux fur pieces, that I also hope to get my hands on soon, is this Teddy Texture coat from Topshop. Teddy texture is extremely popular now, and for good reason. No matter how you wear it though, faux fur is a showstopper. 

3. Black, Grey, and White
This is no surprise, because what fashion blogger doesn’t love the holy trinity of neutrals? Black, grey, and white have completely taken over my wardrobe in the past year, and I have absolutely no complaints. People who love color, which I applaud you for, sometimes don’t understand the affinity people have for such neutral color palettes. For me, I find it is so, so much easier to mix and match outfits and put together a killer look and mix in color with accessories and accent pieces if I have a neutral base. As for my own style, I consider myself a minimalist, I tend to gravitate towards cleaner, simpler colors and styles. I also like to try trendy pieces in neutral colors to make things more classic looking and keep the trend more versatile. Regardless of how much color you like to mix in your wardrobe, these neutrals will never fail. 


4. American Apparel Fisherman Pullover
This is one of the two trends I just hopped on the bandwagon for. I have been eyeing the American Apparel fisherman pullover for probably two years now. It took me so long to finally commit myself to the piece because it comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Sweaters are something I can justify spending money on, but I had to make sure I really wanted it. I finally purchased it though, and let me just tell you, I haven’t taken it off since. This sweater is one of my all time favorite pieces. I bought it in black, and I’m already planning on making additions to my collection in other colors. This sweater is so comfortable, cozy, and easy to style. I love that I can dress it up or down and can even layer it with other pieces. Seriously, you need to add this sweater to your wardrobe. 

5. Your Boyfriend’s Closet
Almost six months ago, I wrote a post about boyfriend style oxford shirts, and I’m still loving them. I recently tried the famous boyfriend jeans, and I most likely have a new addiction. Everything “boyfriend” is right up my alley. There is literally no wrong that boyfriend clothes can do me. Some critics may claim that wearing boyfriend style clothes can look frumpy or unflattering, but I think they are quite the opposite. Wearing clothes that challenge my style and clothes that have different silhouettes is fun and it can also be flattering. You can get the ultimate casual cool look and also be super comfortable and stylish.

6. Hats Galore
Felt hats, five panels, beanies, you name it, I own it. Hats are all the rage, and rightfully so. I am obsessed with my black felt hat because it is easily one of the best accessories I own. It can instantly change an outfit and make it undeniably chic. Hats are also great if your hair isn’t looking as on point as it usually is. I’m in the market to get an all black, five panel hat for the summer time. Five panels are a guy’s trend that I find myself enjoying maybe too much. They are super casual and can be styled in super unique ways. No matter what kind of hats you enjoy, they are a nice way to spice up your wardrobe. 

7.  Not Giving A Shit
This is it, this is the number one fashion trend that everyone should follow. That is, don’t give a shit about what people think. I gave up what people thought about my clothing and style choices a long time ago. It is easy to doubt your choices and we all get insecure, but never make fashion choices based solely on the opinion or preferences of other people. If you are happy and comfortable in in what you are wearing, that is all that matters. For me, if I look good and like what I’m wearing, I feel good. At the end of the day, you are a bad-ass bitch who is ready to raise hell. Don’t let a soccer mom giving you side-eye for wearing purple lipstick stop you.
I hope you enjoyed this fabulous fashion love affair, my blog is about ready to celebrate its two year anniversary, so thank you to everyone who has read and supported! 
x A

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