An Ode to 2014 & A Welcoming to 2015

 An Ode to 2014 & A Welcoming to 2015
don’t rain on my parade (and yeah I know it’s a long title…whatever)

This post, is all about ending the year with a bang, and starting 2015 strong. This post will probably be the most boring post you have read on here all year, so I apologize, and if you make it to the end, you probably deserve an award. I decided to write this post, however, to keep any of you readers out there updated on my projects, goals, and outlook for 2015. I have high hopes for this coming year, and although every year I get crippling anxiety over the calendar resetting, I hope to make this my best year yet. 
2014 was a solid year; honestly, I think it went swimmingly. It wasn’t hard to top 2013 though, because that year was truly the pits. I turned eighteen this year, graduated high school, moved to Chicago, began my first year as a student at a university, and I could not be happier with the outcome of this past year. I focused on my blogging and in that regard I feel like I have a vision, which is truly so refreshing. 
Even with the exciting things that happened in the past twelve months, there is already a great deal to look forward to in the next twelve months. A lot of this I have not shared, since at the moment I’m trying to keep my blog focused on fashion instead of personal content. I decided that I would share my exciting plans with you though, now. 
My mind is already crazed with the amount of things that I am thinking about in regards to 2015. Over my spring break at the end of March, I have decided to take the opportunity to study abroad in Ireland for about ten days with my university. I have always wanted to study abroad and especially in the United Kingdom. Ireland has been very high on my adventure list and I can’t be more pleased that I have the opportunity to go. I’m excited to keep you all updated on my journey with photos, packing stories, and much, much more content. 
Aside from that, I have plans to continue this fashion blogging (I feel like I’m getting at something good, and I enjoy it so no harm done). I hope that as time goes on I can expand this blog, eventually purchasing my own domain, working on themes, more advanced content, and all of that fun stuff. I wish that I could purchase a domain to celebrate Fashionable Youth’s second birthday, although I am not quite ready to do that yet, so that will have to wait! 
One project that I am planning on starting, and hope I will stick to over 2015 is the reason I was inspired to write this post. I have always been health conscious and fitness conscious, although I haven’t always acted on that consciousness. In the last couple weeks, wrapping up 2014, I have been exercising and focusing on eating more healthy (as it is difficult with the holiday season and all). This has inspired me to launch a project of my own, and anyone who wants to join, for 2015. This project will be “The 2015 Fitness Project”, dedicated to making this my happiest and my healthiest year. 
I am planning as of now, to launch a side-blog (found here: Taste of Wellness), that will be dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle with tips, tricks, personal stories and experiences, and logs of my own fitness progress. I’ve been designing my own “foolproof” plan to get myself to stick to this program, since it is easy to become discouraged. I have also heard that it is easier to focus on fitness when you are sharing it with an audience or friends and family, which is the main idea of launching the blog. 
I have a weird superstitious thing about odd-numbered years, and I’m hoping that 2015 will break the streak. In history, odd-numbered years have been tough to withstand, so cheers to a great 2014 and cheers to hoping that 2015 is all that and much more! 
x A 

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