New Year, New Wardrobe

New Year, New Wardrobe
how to refresh your current wardrobe

Unfortunately, despite how much we all want it, we can’t afford to refresh our wardrobes that often. When the promise of a new year and new experiences looms over you, it can be difficult to dress yourself in the same things you wore last year. We have all experienced the lust and desire to throw away everything we own and start from scratch. Believe me, I’ve been there, and thankfully I’ve never gone through with it. Refreshing your wardrobe can be surprisingly easy though. Not only does it make you more excited to get dressed in the morning, it can be a confidence booster, and it can inspire you to look your best and do your best. Here are my tips to refreshing your wardrobe on a budget. 
1. Shiny New Shoes
In many cases, shoes are one of the most important parts of the entire outfit. They can make or break a look sometimes. For many professions, shoes must be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable. Purchasing a new pair of shoes or two can completely transform your wardrobe. Finding shoes that fit your needs but also are trendy and good quality can sometimes be like mining for gold, but once you find them, it’s well worth it. Sometimes I like to dress myself from the shoes up, which allows me to think about my clothes in a different light. This allows me to pair certain things with others that I wouldn’t have tried before and it makes for a different dressing experience. Try focusing on your footwear and see how your dressing habits evolve! 


2. Chop your locks
This isn’t necessarily your wardrobe, but your hair plays a huge role in your look. If you’ve been thinking about chopping, dyeing, or transforming, do it! Giving your hair a makeover can change your look for the better. This refreshes and polishes your look as a whole. Getting rid of dead ends and trying new styles will give you confidence and make you more willing to try new things in terms of style. Sometimes drastically changing your hair can be intimidating, but at the end of the day, it will grow back. It might be worth a shot to try something new, but if you are still hesitant, get opinions from friends and stylists! 


3. Re-organize your closet and re-evaluate
This is extremely important, especially for people who tend to hoard clothes. I’ve always wished I could be the type of person who could live off a minimalist wardrobe, but I love shopping and clothes way too much. However, sometimes this isn’t the best thing for your wardrobe. My tip is to do a deep clean of your closet every four months, so at the beginning of every season approximately. At the very least, go through it every six months. Get rid of (throw out/donate) anything that you haven’t worn in the past six months or that you don’t see yourself wearing in the future. This means get rid of things with holes or stains that you will never get around to fixing. Cleaning your closet allows you to remind yourself of all the things you don’t typically wear and you can incorporate those items into your wardrobe. This also makes space for the new things you may purchase. After sorting through the mess, try a new organization system. I challenge myself to wear everything in my wardrobe once before I cycle through outfits again. This forces me to wear everything I own, and shows me which items are dispensable. 

4. Try new colors and patterns
Trying new things in terms of fashion is sometimes scary. There are some trends that aren’t right for everyone, but adding new colors or patterns, even on a small scale, can drastically refresh your wardrobe. If you primarily wear neutrals, try adding pops of cobalt or red to your wardrobe with things like shoes, scarves, jewelry, or other accessories. Using unique pieces can spark your creativity and you will be surprised at how easily you can integrate new pieces into your wardrobe. 

5. Up-cycle 
This is one of my favorite ways to refresh my wardrobe, especially if I’m on a budget or don’t feel like spending a lot of money on something. If I’m in the midst of a deep closet clean, I will look at the items I’m getting rid of and try to find ways to alter it or use it for something else. You would be surprised at how many ways you can up-cycle clothes. I like to do this with old clothes of mine, sometimes old clothes of my mom’s, and clothes from thrift stores. You never know what you will find at a thrift store, but sometimes you can find amazing treasures. Not everything will be your style, but if you keep an open imagination, you can do some crazy cool personalization to some unique pieces. Adding one-of-a-kind pieces to your wardrobe will instantly refresh it, and you will know that nobody will have the same pieces as you! 

Happy organizing/refreshing/shopping!

x A

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