Primal Instinct

Primal Instinct
the glorious second-coming of animal print
You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this. As a child, I was the kid wearing a pleather skirt, black booties, and leopard printed everything. I distinctly remember shopping in places like The Children’s Place at age six and picking up everything that faintly resembled animal print. Sadly, the era of animal ended, and many people began to regard leopard print as “hoochie mama” (so much shade). After animal print began to seem trashy, it perpetuated its terrible reputation thanks to Snooki on Jersey Shore. That was such a horrendous time for animal prints. 
No fear though, it is 2015, and the age of animal has resurrected itself. A few months ago I found myself feeling innately attracted to leopard prints once again. Leopard prints have found their way back into fashion, especially in the form of faux fur coats. I am trying so hard to scour every store for the perfect faux fur leopard print coat without breaking the bank. Faux fur leopard print coats are so fancy. I legitimately feel so cool wearing leopard print and faux fur, what could possibly be better than a faux fur leopard print coat? Leopard print is super cool in street style these days, which is probably one of the reasons I’m attracted to it. It also has a ring of nostalgia for me, since it reminds me of my childhood wardrobe.
The key to wearing leopard print is to do it carefully. It is very easy to wear leopard print “incorrectly”. Stick to larger prints for statement pieces. I find that larger leopard prints on statement pieces looks better than smaller prints because the smaller print can sometimes consume you. With a smaller print, it becomes overwhelming with the pattern’s repetition. Another way to wear leopard without jumping in the deep end, is to wear it in small quantities. I love over-sized scarves as well as leopard print chelsea boots. Leopard print chelsea boots are the literal key to my heart. Wearing leopard accessories allows you to work it into your wardrobe without committing to crazy statement pieces. If you’re still wary about how to wear leopard, make sure you try it with neutrals before you start adding color. I love jewel tones as well as cobalt blue to pair with leopard, however it might not be the best decision if you are just jumping onto the animal print bandwagon. 

The ultimate rule to wearing leopard, is to own it. Make the look your own and walk with your head high. Leopard is fabulous so act the part.

x A

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