the emerging cool-girl trend
Although the formal name for these new pants is “culottes”, they are so damn cool it should be spelled “coolottes”. The newest trend for spring and summer seems to be culottes. A looser, tailored, calf-length pant. I love this new trend because they are super different and they bring diversity to any wardrobe. They can be styled in different ways but still make you look like a killer fashion queen.

I have seen a lot of really cool street style looks that I adore, which is super inspiring for me. Culottes seem to be everywhere these days, and hopefully I can get my hands on a pair. One of the caveats about culottes seems to be the difficulty in finding the right pair for you. They come in a range of colors, patterns, lengths, and styles. Like a pair of jeans, you have to be specific in choosing which ones are right for you. I also find that more structures styles and more dressy fabrics help them look nicer when they are styled. Because they bare resemblance to the 2006 trend of gauchos (*vom*), it is important to find the right pair and style them carefully to make sure you don’t look like you are walking out of an episode of What Not to Wear.

My best suggestion is to style them with classic pieces, dress up the look, and go for more structure. Stay away from stretchy pants that your kid sister might wear.

The looks above are some of my favorite ways I’ve seen to style culottes. Trends come and go, so take a risk and try ’em out!

x A 

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