Winter Boots & Accessories

Winter Boots & Accessories
don’t freeze your butt off 

Winter is a tricky time. Many people say that winter is the time that everyone is allowed to look like shit just because the weather is cold and you have to wear a down coat. I do not agree with this standpoint whatsoever. I think that winter, although challenging, can be one of the best times of the year for fashion. Even though it may be frigid and snowy, at least you aren’t sweating and roasting in the sun like you are in the summer. One of the best elements of fashion is layering and the ability to make pieces versatile.

Whether or not you believe that winter is for being lazy or if you take the fashion challenge head-on, there is one thing we can agree on: a good pair of boots. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I have slipped and fell because my shoes were not sufficient for the winter conditions. Even if you don’t have snow where you live, a good pair of boots for the winter is a necessity. Boots keep your feet warmer and more insulated than any old pair of shoes.

Boots also happen to be some of my favorite accessories because they are so fun to style and they are reliable.

My suggestions for boots are these:

1. Sturdy Black, lace-up boots
These are the go-to backbone of winter survival. Having a nice pair of ankle height black, lace-up boots is such a blessing on frozen and snowy days. Find a pair of boots that have nice traction to prevent slipping, which is one of the most important things in the winter. I would also suggest going for a pair of boots in a sleek and classic looking style. You may regret purchasing a pair of boots that are only trendy for one year or a pair of boots that don’t fit in with your wardrobe. Sorel’s and Bean boots are warm and practical but they aren’t for everybody.

2. Brown or black riding or knee-high boots
Riding boots are a staple of fall/winter wardrobes. Everyone should own a pair of riding boots. They are practical, cute, and go with literally anything. I own a pair of brown riding boots and I still have not gotten sick of them. My biggest suggestion when buying a pair of riding boots is to invest. These boots are classic and will last a long time so make sure you put the money up for a quality pair. You won’t regret it.

3. Chelsea boots
Are you sick of hearing how much I love chelsea boots? Well, I’m not apologizing or stopping any time soon. Chelsea boots are just so amazing. They come in so many diverse styles, colors, materials, etc. There is a pair of chelsea boots out there for everyone. They are super easy and simple to style and go with more things than even riding boots! Not only are they simple to style, they instantly make your outfit look nicer and more polished. You cannot go wrong with a nice pair of chelsea boots.

4. Heeled booties
Heeled booties are great for any time you want to look a little more dressy or add variety to your wardrobe. I have two pairs of black heeled booties and I love them. Heeled booties are nice because they save you from wearing actual heels but still give you height and pull your entire look together. These are probably going to be more on the trendy side so if you aren’t sure about spending a paycheck on a pair, buy some cheaper ones from a trendier store like Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe.

On top of boots, other accessories are essential to stay warm, so here’s a few suggestions about what kind of accessories are nice for the winter.

1. Hats, lots of hats
Yeah, you guys know… I love hats. During the winter though, much of your body heat leaves through your head, so keeping your head warm will keep you warmer over all. Hats are something that you can experiment with. I love the faux fur ones floating around at some stores and I am a sucker for the wool brimmed hats. If you don’t want to mix it up too much, a nice thick knit beanie will do the trick just fine.

2. Nice gloves
Investing in a nice pair of gloves is a must. Leather gloves and gloves that are tech compatible are things you probably didn’t know you were even missing. Having nice gloves keeps your hands and fingers warm and keeps you protected from frost bite. If you don’t trust yourself to not lose your gloves, then just look at places like Target for inexpensive ones.

3. A chunky scarf 
Chunky scarves are super on trend right now. I bought a huge black knit scarf from ASOS a few months ago and it was one of the best investments of my life. It keeps my neck and face so unbelievably warm. Not only is it practical, it makes my outfit go from 0 to 100 because it looks super chic.

4. Wool socks
Go buy Smartwool socks. Right now. I could be a walking advertisement for this company. I can’t express how much these socks rule. Wool socks will keep your toes warm and they are so nice for the winter. Seriously, go buy a pair.

I hope these suggestions and tips could provide you with some insight of what I love for winter. Boots and cold-weather accessories are sometimes tricky to buy but these are some of the essentials I’ve found I loved over the years.

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