Colors of Winter

Colors of Winter
lets rejoice in the name of a beautiful color palette 

This winter, fashionistas around the globe have been embracing colors for winter. When I think of winter, I usually dress in only shades of black and grey. Although I’m happy with my all-black ensembles, I love that this year there is a movement that has brought waves of color to the fashion community.

1. Icy Blue

This color has been making its rounds this winter. Chrissy Teigan recently rocked this color at the Oscars and completely killed it. Taylor Swift was also seen in an ASOS coat of this shade and she looked flawless as usual. Icy blue is one of my favorite colors because it looks good on pretty much everyone. You can’t go wrong with a nice blue hue to soften your winter wardrobe. 
2. Cozy Camel

Camel has been a Fall/Winter favorite for probably three years now, and I don’t see the end of it yet. Camel, although it is hard to find a color that has the right undertones to match your skin-tone looks beautiful once it is done correctly. Camel is such a soft and warm color that makes your winter wardrobe look super cool while still staying neutral. 

3. Frosty Pink

I have never been a huge fan of pink, but this year, light frosty pinks have taken my heart away. I love a good nude/blushy pink and I think it is a nice addition to any wardrobe. Pink is super romantic and cute but can still look sexy and sophisticated. If you every want to get in touch with your girly or lighter side, pick up something in this shade, you won’t regret it. 

4. Sexy Marsala

Marsala is the Pantone Color of the Year for 2015, and for good reason. This color is like burgundy but cooler. I love how deep and subtle this color is without being an overpowering red. This color can be used as neutral super easily and can also stand on its own as an accent shade. I just love this color so let me have my moment with it. 

5. Steamy White

Who said you can’t wear white after Labor Day? People have been wearing white all winter and have been owning it like there’s no tomorrow! I have a love-hate relationship with white, but if you can pull it off, go for it because it looks sleek and super cool. Breaking fashion rules makes you the ultimate fashionista so try rocking some white during the wintery months.

I hope you feel inspired to bring new colors to your wardrobe, I know I am!

x A 

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