Buxom Dolly Lip Gloss: A Review

Buxom Dolly Lip Gloss: A Review
stick with me guys

By the end of the seventh grade I thought I had sworn off lip gloss for good. Boy was I wrong. After going through a whirlwind addiction to Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss in middle school, i was pretty sure I would never go back to lip gloss as my lip product of choice. 
However, I just very recently made a discovery. As I was shopping around in Sephora, I noticed my lips needed a little ‘oomph’ at the moment and the Buxom section was right next to me. Naturally, I tried one of their lip glosses. While walking around the store for an additional half an hour, I noticed something amazing. Not only was this lip gloss not sticky and disgusting, it also was plumping, tingly, and minty tasting. 
I decided I just had to buy a tube of this lip gloss. I ended up buying the Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in the shade Dolly. The formula is unlike any other lip gloss I’ve tried. It is smooth and nourishing without being grossly sticky. One of the biggest turn-offs about lipgloss is the fact that my hair gets stuck to my lips. This lip gloss is more slick than stick, which is truly amazing. 
The color is a beautiful pink-nude that is perfect for every day wear. It adds something to your look without making your lips the focal point. I love that this lip gloss doesn’t have any glitter or shimmer in it. It is glossy, but isn’t in your face with glitter, which is also a plus. 
 I seriously can’t stop raving about this lip gloss. I have had it barely a month and I think I have already used half of the tube. I will definitely purchase this again and possibly in different shades. Anyone who wants to try a nice lip gloss, this should be your go to product! 

x A

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