Spring Break Travel Essentials

Spring Break Travel Essentials
yeah it’s that time of year again 

Spring is finally in the air and for all of us who are still going to school (and even if you’re not) that means on thing: spring break. Spring break is that time of year when you so desperately need a break from the drab days spent in dorms and lecture halls. It is a time to get away and spend time relaxing, preferably with your best friends or a good book.

I love traveling and that makes this year’s spring break so exciting. Even though i’m not venturing to a sandy beach or tropical haven, I am embarking on a journey to Ireland, the land of Guinness and romantic scenery.

Before any of us depart however, there are a few bases to be covered. Traveling can be tough so I decided to provide you (once again, if you look in my archive you’ll find another helpful list) with a list of spring break travel essentials.

1. A good skincare routine
Traveling is one of the harshest things on your skin. The germs and bacteria that you encounter on an airplane, at the airport, and once you arrive to your destination are crazy disgusting. The air on airplanes has no humidity, drying your skin out like crazy, and on top of that, it is full of chemicals. The toll that air travel takes on your skin can cause break outs that last for weeks. When going on an airplane, your best bet is to go fresh faced and moisturized. Wearing makeup on a flight may only add to the list of gross things that make you break out. If you avoid wearing heavy foundations and concealers, this will eliminate a lot of pore clogging bacteria. You should also moisturize thoroughly before your flight. If you are prone to dry skin, consider brining along your favorite moisturizer and applying it throughout your trip. Making sure you cleanse your skin after traveling is important as well to flush out all of the grossness that you came in contact with.

2. Stylish eyewear
This is a step away from skincare, but your eyes are equally as important as your beautiful skin. My three suggestions for traveling as far as eye wear goes, includes sunglasses, glasses, and a sleep mask. If you wear glasses and/or contacts, my best suggestion would be to go with the glasses. Since air travel is so dry, it may be a better to bet to go with glasses, and that way you don’t have to worry about sleeping on the plane either. Sunglasses is a given, because not only do they say “don’t mess with me” if you don’t want to talk to anyone, they are extremely important for when you step out into the shining sun. Lastly, bring a sleep mask! I love them, and even though they may look silly, they can help you sleep more easily on a flight, especially if it’s a long one.

3. Appropriate accessories
Having the appropriate footwear and purse/backpack is extremely important. For traveling, especially by plane, it is important to choose your accessories carefully. For shoes, go with anything that can easily be taken off and put back on. The most stressful thing ever is going through the security line and having to mess with over complicated straps or laces on your shoes. Go with a pair of boots that slip on and off or have a zipper closure. You can also go with tennis shoes or loafers that you can slip on and off easily as well. As far as purses go, find a carry-all tote or opt for a backpack. Depending on your final destination and your plans, you may find one or the other works better for you. The positives about carrying a large purse is that it allows you to carry all of your important things in one place and it is a little extra storage for things you couldn’t fit in your suitcase.

4. Great entertainment
Nothing makes traveling less enjoyable than sitting and staring out the window for hours. If you find it difficult to sleep while traveling, it is important to find some suitable entertainment. I suggest finding a book, one that will engage you enough for a long flight, or some movies to keep you entertained.

5. A fabulous wardrobe
Travel in style, no matter what. What you wear during your travels can really impact the kind of traveling experience you have. Like with footwear, don’t wear anything too complicated that you can’t get in and out of for security. Dress in layers as well, since temperature changes while you’re traveling is inevitable. I always like wearing my bulkiest clothes so I don’t have to put them in my suitcase and wearing simple layers underneath. Wear pants that are comfortable and you don’t mind sitting in for a while, because even your favorite jeans can dig in all the wrong places after a few hours. One of my favorite things to wear while traveling is a maxi dress or skirt. This is long but is movable and can make for very versatile outfits.

I love traveling and spring break is one of my favorite times of year to do it.

x A

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