The Best Way to Pack for Vacation

The Best Way to Pack for Vacation
a few simple guidelines to never over/under pack again 

1. Know your itinerary 
Knowing your plan for vacation is extremely important, not just for packing but for the entire trip in general. Whether you are spending six days on the beach, trekking through an urban jungle, or going to the mountains to hit the slopes, it is essential that you know what your plans are! Once you know what types of activities you will be doing, it will make packing much easier. Knowing what situations you have to dress for allows you to be sure that you bring certain things while leaving others at home. If you are on the beach, you probably don’t need that heavy sweater. 
2. Stick to basics
Loading up your vacation wardrobe with basic and versatile pieces makes packing easy and functional. Bring pieces that you can mix and match with everything in your suitcase. This ensures that all of the items you are bringing are multi-functional, meaning you can do more with less. 

3. Know the weather 
In case you didn’t know, there’s this thing called Google, and you can use it to look up forecasts for virtually any place for any time of year. You can look up what the time of year you will be going for where you are going and it will give you the average data points for weather. This is helpful because it gives you a general idea about what to expect in terms of temperature, precipitation, and other severe weather situations. Having a heads up on the weather is good because you will know whether or not you should leave certain items at home. You probably won’t need an umbrella if you are going to Arizona, and you probably won’t need shorts if you’re spending time in Aspen. 

4. Use a “this or that” technique 
I like to call this technique “packing fight club”. Basically, pit all of the items you want to bring, that aren’t essentials of course, against each other. Outweigh the pros and cons of each item and bring the ones that best suit your needs/wants. This ensures you that you won’t end up bringing a lot of things you won’t need. We’ve all been on vacation where we only wear a third of our suitcase, so this is a good way to avoid that. 

5. Pack according to outfit 
A few years ago I adopted this technique and it has yet to fail me. Packing according to outfit is my rule of thumb. When I am packing, I set aside all of the things I think I want to bring and then begin to build outfits with those pieces. I try to make each piece versatile and build 2-3 outfits mix and matching with one piece. I know how many days and nights I will be spending, and how many outfits I will need, so this eliminates the fear of forgetting a beloved piece at home. Packing by outfit has two benefits: you already have your outfits set for your trip and it gets rid of the possibility of wishing you had brought something else. Try this, and I swear it will change your life. 
Packing is one of my favorite parts of vacation, even though it is extremely stressful, so I hope these tips could provide a little relief and make for a great packing experience! 

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