Look For Less: Gigi Hadid

Look For Less: Gigi Hadid
sorry this took so long

Well, how long has it been? Sitting down to compose and draft this post has taken much, much longer than I originally anticipated. However, now that I’m here and typing, it feels like I’m welcoming back an old friend to my life. I did not intend for this impromptu hiatus, unfortunately it just happened. Life sometimes gets in the way, but no fear, I am back! 
The first post I have for you is this, a look for less starring the one and only Gigi Hadid. Whether she is walking the runway or galavanting around with the likes of Kendall Jenner or boy-toy Cody Simpson, she looks absolutely flawless. Gigi Hadid has been an up and comer on everyone’s radar lately, so it was about time that I did this. I love Gigi and I think she is really making a name for herself in the fashion world. 
Although the transition from winter to spring is almost complete, I think that this outfit is perfect for those days that it is just a touch too chilly! 
Here Gigi is, looking casual cool in an off-duty look that is perfect for any agenda. I love the parings of basics, I think that is the most essential part of this outfit. I found these jeans from Topshop for $75 and also found this t-shirt from Topshop for only $20. Both of these items closely resemble the foundation of Gigi’s outfit. I love these jeans because they are such a pure blue denim and have the perfect amount of distress to make them look cool but not trashy. 
On top of a solid foundation, she sports a nice array of casual accessories. First, I am obsessed with these sunglasses, which I found at Urban Outfitters for $50. I love sunglasses like these, with the reflective iridescent lenses, I think they are super cool and a fun trend to rock. 
Gigi pairs this outfit with a nice sleek black bomber style jacket and some patent leather booties. This pair of booties I found at Forever 21 are a major steal priced at only $37.90. I love these because the patent leather and the silver zipper look super minimalistic and also closely resemble the booties that Gigi is wearing! 
One of the more expensive parts of this outfit is the jacket, which I found in an unlikely place. While attempting to look for a jacket like hers, I came across this one. This one has more detailing with zippers and pockets, but is still pretty rad. I found this jacket at Abercrombie for $98. 
Lastly, finding a purse that resembled Gigi’s was difficult, but I think this brown leather cross-body from ASOS does the job. I love this purse since its super simple and versatile. This purse can be found at ASOS for $50.
Composing this Look For Less was super fun (mostly because I got to gawk at Gigi Hadid’s perfection) but also because I missed it. Be on the look out for bunches of content including playlists, photos from my Study Abroad trip to Ireland, and much more. 
x A 

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