5 Sandals Under $50 for Spring

5 Sandals Under $50 for Spring
for the cute bargain hunter

When it comes to spring and summer, we all want to wear the least amount of clothing possible, but what about our feet? Shopping for shoes during spring/summer can sometimes be frustrating, but I’m here to help. I found five pairs of sandals that you should have in your wardrobe and they all cost under $50. Check out the list:

1. The Espadrille Wedge

Wedges are a classic for summer. Every good wardrobe has a great pair of wedges and these wedges from Forever 21 are the perfect addition. These cost only $32.90 which makes them a great steal. Look for wedges that are comfortable and still cute. Some wedges might be trendy now, but look for more classic looking wedges that will still be in style for a few seasons. Look for neutral colors and espadrilles are especially nice because they can be casual or more dressed up 

2. The Smooth Slide

Slide sandals are the most recent newcomer to the footwear game, and I even wrote a post about how to style slide sandals. I love slides because they are super easy to wear, typically comfortable, and easy to slip on and off. These slides are from ASOS and cost $36. Slides come in a variety of styles so look for a style that fits best with your wardrobe and your lifestyle.

3. The Upgraded Gladiator

Gladiators have been coming and going for years, but this year, they are one of the biggest trends and I love them. Gladiators are so cool and fun to style. They are also interesting pieces to incorporate in your wardrobe because even though they have a bit of a hippy vibe, they can also be styled in a variety of ways to match almost any style. Gladiators are the ultimate classy-cool shoe, and these beauties are from Mango and cost $39.99. 

4. The Classy Sandal

We all have those events that we have to go to in the summer that are dressy, but not dressy enough for heels and it leaves us confused about which footwear route to take. These situations call for a classy sandal, like this pair from Topshop. These sandals are the perfect mixture of casual but dressy and are perfect for literally any occasion from running errands to attending brunch. This pair from Topshop costs $45 and comes in a range of colors. When looking for a sandal like this, keep in mind comfort and also wearability. Make sure that they are versatile and will fit in with your wardrobe aesthetic while still being comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

5. The Summer Heel

Ultra-high heels are so in and are super fun for summer. Heeled sandals are perfect for any dressy occasions and are really fun to style also. This cool pair of white heels is from Missguided and costs $50. When looking for trendy summer heels, look for pairs that have a platform and a thicker heel which will make walking easier, especially in grass or other tricky terrains. Feel free to go for a trendier pair, but also make sure that you can style them with multiple outfits in your wardrobe. They should be fun and unique, but also wearable and versatile.

These are my top five sandals for spring, and they all cost under $50! Whatever your preferred choice of footwear is, make sure you rock it with confidence.

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What kinds of sandals are you wearing this spring/summer?

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