Three Items To Splurge On

Three Items To Splurge On
how to always look fashionable with three items

As unfortunate as it is to say, sometimes we have to bite the bullet and actually spend more than fifty dollars on a single piece. It isn’t without reward though because sometimes these splurges pay themselves off in quality and wearability. There are many things I would love to splurge on but these three items definitely take the cake. 

1. Outerwear
This is number one on the list because it honestly makes all the difference. Outerwear pieces are the pieces that you wear continuously throughout the season and over multiple seasons. I highly advise splurging on nice coats/jackets and outerwear pieces because not only will they last and wear much longer, they also make any outfit more fashion forward. Having a nice, structured or quality outerwear piece can make or break an outfit. Nothing is more annoying than wearing a cute outfit and putting on an ugly coat. High quality outerwear naturally looks nicer as well. I suggest going for classic pieces like a trench coat, a wool coat, or something with structuring. Look for colors and materials that will be the most versatile and wearable for your wardrobe. 

2. Shoes
Similar to outerwear, footwear makes a huge impact on the overall visual appearance of an outfit. It may not seem like a lot, but shoes carry a lot of weight, literally and figuratively. I suggest splurging on a few quality pairs of shoes that can last you for a few seasons. I’m not saying you have to commit to three pairs for the rest of your life obviously, but splurging and putting the money forth for a  few quality pairs of shoes will be worth it. Splurge on shoes of different types and wearability for example, one pair of athletic shoes, a dress shoe, and one or two pairs of every day type shoes. Look for shoes that are classic as well but have fashion forward quality as well. Owning shoes that wear nicely and last a long time can add the perfect finishing touch on your outfit. 

3. Jeans/Denim 
This category depends on your affinity for denim, but I highly suggest that everyone splurge on one or two pairs of quality jeans. Shopping for jeans is definitely the worst, but taking the time out to find the absolute perfect pair for your body, lifestyle, etc. will pay off. Don’t worry about spending money on a quality pair of jeans because they will last you longer than anything from a lower end retailer like American Eagle for example. Like with the outerwear and shoes, denim that wears better and that is higher quality will last longer and look nicer for a longer period of time. On top of that, having a pair of jeans that fits you perfectly (even if that requires tailoring) goes a long way. Don’t skimp on the fit or quality just for a low price tag. Look for a pair of darker denim that are classic and simple, but avoid ones that will fade quickly. 

I know that splurging hurts our wallets, but it will immensely help your wardrobe. Quality over quantity is a rule that definitely applies here. Having a few high quality pieces in your wardrobe will make every outfit you wear look more high end and fashionable. I’m not saying to drop your H&M addiction, because believe me you need some crappy quality trend pieces too, but don’t be afraid to shell out the cash for a high quality necessity. Splurging hurts, but sometimes its necessary, RIP to our wallets. 
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What quality pieces have you splurged on lately? 


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